Please note payment is to be made separately to Service Provider.

This 8-hour group* session is designed to help you and your partner learn about pertinent marital topics & skills necessary to build a strong marriage. The topics & skills include communication, conflict resolution, financial management, parenting, etc.

With the use of the Prepare/Enrich assessment tool, you and your partner will gain an in-depth understanding on essential marital concerns raised by each other. As this information is personal and pertains only to you and your partner, a 2-hour couple session will be arranged to process these concerns.

Using Prepare/Enrich materials, couples will learn: 
- Communication skills & Conflict Resolution
- Understand roles & responsibilities and work towards commitment
- Develop a more balanced relationship
- Manage finances & budget plans
- Identify sexual needs & intimacy to achieve closeness
- Prepare for parenthood
- Develop & set boundaries for personal, family & friends
- Understand how to safeguard & affair-proof your marriage
- Develop a balanced level of shared interests in leisure & a spiritual foundation

* Private individual couple session with the trainer is also available.

Session Type: 
- Group ($320) 
- Individual Couple ($400) 

* For Individual Couple sessions, please email

Who is this programme for
Age: 25 and above for the groom
         21 and above for the bride 
Nationality: Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident
Marriage Type: Civil

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