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  • Family Activities in February 2023

    Lunar New Year festivities continue into February with the annual Chingay Parade and special events at the National Museum and SportsHub. Couples can spend some exclusive time with each other at Families for Life's signature "I Still Do"2023 event.?

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    How Couples Can Destress and Improve Mental Well-being Together

    Being an awesome twosome means not only do you get to cheer each other on in their careers, but you can unwind and take care of your mental well-being together too. Here are some couple activities to try.?

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    Discover SG: Out in the Countryside

    ?Did you know that Singapore has its own countryside, complete with farmstays and working farms? Head north with your family to Kranji and Lim Chu Kang and discover a charmingly rustic corner of our island. Here’s where to go to get the full kampong experience!

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    FFL Picnic @ Gardens by the Bay

    28 January 2023, Saturday

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    5 Ways to Help Children Process Difficult Emotions

    ?It is normal for children to get thrown off by feelings of anger, sadness, disappointment or even jealousy. Here’s how you as a parent can help them process these difficult moments.

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     4 Chinese New Year Traditions to Bring Family Together

    Cultural festivals like Chinese New Year are fantastic opportunities for family get-togethers and bonding. We share some CNY traditions worth celebrating and passing on to the younger generation.?

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  • 4 Best Places to Enjoy the Festive Season

    Singapore is a great place to be during the festive season. With Chinese New Year and Pongal coming up, there are plenty of venues around town to soak in the festivities with your loved ones. ?

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    Interview with Family Trees Si Min

    ?2020 was a difficult time for Ho Si Min and her husband Jonathan Sim. But the couple remained resilient, emerging with not one, but two new additions to their family, and planted their own Family Tree as a symbol of being unwavering through the storms of life.

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    4 Movies & TV Shows for Grandparents to Watch with Their Grandchildren

    ?Movies and TV shows are not just great family entertainment, they can also be good conversation starters on a diversity of topics. Here is a selection of films and shows to bridge that generation gap and help the grands bond with their grandkids.

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    How to Empower Your Child to be Independent

    ?How do we empower our children with the skills to handle life's challenges? Ms Carol Loi, the co-founder of SGFamilies and a member of the Alliance for Action to Strengthen Marriages and Family Relationships, shares how we can strike the right balance between protecting our children and helping them learn independence and resilience.

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    Made For Families 2025

    Singapore Made For Families 2025 (MFF 2025) plan builds on the momentum of the Year of Celebrating SG Families in 2022. It is our nation's plan for how the Government, community partners, businesses and individuals come together to co-create a Singapore where all families are valued and supported across the different chapters of life.

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    Little Children, Big Emotions - Growing Self-Regulation in Babies

    Self-regulating emotions in their little bodies isn't innate. Their caregivers and the environment play a crucial role in gearing them up for difficult emotions - here's how you can do so!

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  • My Child Has A Medical Condition - How Do I Navigate Diagnosis Anxiety

    ?Every parent hopes and wishes for their child to grow well and be healthy. Follow Vanessa as she navigate through stressful times when she finds out that her child is diagnosed with a rare condition.

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    Losing A Child, Growing Through Grief

    ?Valarie Lim, a mother of three, shares her experience on losing a child and how she copes and get through grief as time goes by.

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    My Baby Has An Allergy, What Should I Do

    ?Meet Eunice Seow, a mother of one, as she shares her experience on discovering and managing her son's allergy while taking care of her health. Read on for more tips on how she journey through it with her child.

    view-count 115 1 Month ago

    Making Time For Every Child, No Matter How Busy Life Gets

    ?Meet Seow Cui Fen, a mother of three, as she share how she sets time aside for her children and personalises them according to their love language

    view-count 113 1 Month ago

    Making Memories - Ways To Boost Our Children's Working Memory

    Do you know that having good memory can boost your child's performance in school? Here are some simple yet effective strategies to incorporate in your everyday life to start developing your child's memory.

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    Oh Baby! How Much Baby Talk Is Too Much

    ?Myth busted! Do you know that there is no research that show that baby talk hinders language development? In fact, it is encouraged to baby talk to your child more! Read on to find out how baby talk can strengthen their language abilities.

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