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  • 5 Fun Ways to Welcome in the New Year with Your Family

    ?Another year draws to a close. While we take time to reflect on the milestones and achievements for the year, it’s also a great opportunity to let your hair down and have fun as a family! Here are some fun ways to ring in 2023.

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    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Anger and Stress

    ?We become far less creative and open-minded when we’re under extreme stress or in a heightened state of arousal. When we perceive something as a threat to us – to our independence, our time, our values, or our relationship – we often behave reactively.

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    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Expectations in a Relationship

    ?We are happiest when our expectations align closely with our reality. When your experiences fall short of your expectations, you’re likely to feel disappointed or frustrated. Many couples struggle with the unspoken expectations they bring into the relationship

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    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Two Sides of Commitment

    Commitment is one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship.  There are two major types of commitment: constraint and dedication.?

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    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Personality

    ?Your personality is a pattern of thoughts, preferences, activities, and feelings that are uniquely yours. To make a relationship work long-term, you will need to be aware of your own personality tendencies and motivations, and understand your partner’s personality style, too!

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    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Relationship Quality

    ?Making sacrifices for your spouse can really solidify your commitment to each other, and in healthy relationships, sacrifices should go both ways.

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  • Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Forgiveness

    ?Sharing a life together, you will have a mix of highs and lows, and working through the lows together often hinges on safety. In addition to being free from physical harm, and feeling emotionally safe to share openly with your spouse, the PREP programme talks about commitment safety, too

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    How to Get Your Children Hooked onto an Active Lifestyle

    ?With so many indoor distractions like electronic games and gadgets, is it a lost cause getting kids out and about? Here are some ways to get  your junior started on an active lifestyle – and lovin’ it.

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    Family Activities in December 2022

    ?Revel in the year-end festivities, experience winter in Singapore, support young entrepreneurs in action and more this December

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    A Family That Learns Together Grows Together

    ?Learning does not have to be a solo activity or just for professional development. It can be a great way for family members to connect and understand one another. Here are some great activities you can pick up together with your loved ones.

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    7 Best Parent & Child Day Out Ideas

    ?Teach children about money, financial literacy, importance of saving, money habitsScheduling one-to-one “dates” with your kids is a great way to build lasting bonds so that they feel secure, which helps them form healthy relationships of their own in the future. Here’re seven great outing ideas that you can include into your family routine!

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  • How to Teach Children About Money

    ?It’s never too early to start teaching your child about dollars and cents—in fact, they can grasp counting from as young as two years old. Set the foundation right so your little one will grow up financially responsible.

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    6 Date Hacks for Busy Couples

    ?Being short on time doesn’t mean you can’t be big on romance. Here’s how you can add fizz to your relationship even while you juggle a busy career and parenting obligations.

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    4 Cool Ways to Bask in the Great Outdoors

    ?Studies have shown that time spent in nature reduces stress and anxiety and promotes mental well-being. Take your family to these great nature spots in Singapore to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

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    4 Quirky Museums to Explore with Your Fam

    ?Did you know there is a museum of toys or one dedicated to musical boxes right here in Singapore? If you’re a culture vulture looking for the unusual, don’t miss checking out these hidden gems together with your family!

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    Bonding Over A Foodie Adventure

    ?Eat with your Family Day (EWYFD) is a quarterly event that falls on the last Friday of the school term. Championed by the Centre for Fathering, the last EWYFD for this year falls on 18 November. Here’s how you can make an occasion out of it. 

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    Planting the Seeds of Love & Family Bonding

    ?Candy Huang and her husband Bill Jia came to Singapore fifteen years ago, settled down and started a family. Now parents of three lovely young kids, both have set down roots in a place they call home, as symbolised by their very own "Family Tree" that they planted here.

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