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  • Families for Life @ Community

    ?Families for Life @ Community

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    Explore the Heartlands: Woodlands

    ?Rather than thronging the malls, wander around Woodlands and find out what the far north has got to offer. With scenic views of nature, a splash of heritage, and one-of-a-kind activities suitable for the whole family, this heartland is well worth the trek away from the city.

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    Family Activities in January 2022

    ?Start the new year on the right foot with these activities for the entire family! There’s plenty to do for everyone, with new attractions, parks, exhibitions, and theatre shows promising hours of precious bonding and family fun.

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    Jumping Clay Sculpting at Sentosa

    13th December 2021 to 24th January 2022
    5:00pm to 6:30pm

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    #AskFFL: How Can I Find That Magical Combination of Firm and Kind Parenting?

    ?Kind but firm parents set boundaries, while having a kind and loving relationship with their children. Sher-li Torrey from Mums@Work and Cheekiemonkies dad Kelvin Ang share tips on how they manage that balance of being both caring and firm.

    view-count 286 1 Month ago

    Sentosa’s Clean Beauty workshop

    2nd December 2021 to 27th January 2022
    4:30pm to 6:00pm

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  • Barre by the Beach at Sentosa

    5th December 2021 to 30th January 2022
    6:00pm to 7:00pm

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    Macrophotography Sessions at Sentosa

    7th December 2021 to 18th January 2022
    5:00pm to 6:30pm

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    Explore the Heartlands: Pasir Panjang & Telok Blangah

    ?Looking for things to do and places to go with the family on weekends? Discover the quirky charms, rich heritage and lush green spaces of Pasir Panjang and Telok Blangah!

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    Is It Wrong to Kiss My Child on the Lips?

    ?Compared to our parents and theirs, we are now much more affectionate with our children. But how and where do we draw the line with physical displays of love? And should we let others’ opinions dictate how we express our feelings?

    view-count 137 1 Month ago

    5 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Primary School

    ?Now that the primary school registration exercise is done and dusted, it is time for the real work: getting junior mentally ready for a brand new phase of his or her life. With the pandemic putting the brakes on physical open houses and even the usual “buddy system”, find out what you can do to help reduce your child’s anxiety and psych him or her up for the first term.

    view-count 418 1 Month ago

    Eevee Dance Parade at Sentosa

    December 2021 to February2022

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  • Explore the Heartlands Lavender & Jalan Besar

    Explore the neighbourhoods of Jalan Besar and Lavender, where culture, heritage and yummy eats come together in a delightful mash-up of fun for the family. Check out family-friendly activities, heritage hang-outs and great food options in this fascinating corner of Singapore heartland.

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    5 Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve With Your Kids

    ?Large-scale countdown parties might be out for this year, but you can still have a great time doing counting down with your kids from Singapore! Try out these festive ideas to have a fun New Year’s Eve countdown from the comforts of your home.

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    Family Activities in December 2021

    ?Wondering how to keep the family occupied this December? A diverse range of fun activities can keep the family busy and happy. From exhibitions, crafts, educational workshops and interactive adventures, there’s definitely something for everyone from children to the grandparents.

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    T.H.E Dance Company Studio Holiday Dance Camp

    6 Dec 2021 to 10 Dec 2021
    9:30am to 12pm

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    $320 ($300 early bird till 28 Nov)
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    The Select: Mission 1114

    11 Dec 2021
    11:14 am

    view-count 580 2 Months ago
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    $65/ parent-child pair (includes event kit worth $
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