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  • 4 Movies that Celebrate the Grands

    ?If you are looking for ways to bond with the Grands, there are a few movies about grandparenthood you can consider watching on your next movie night with grandma and grandpa!

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    5 Ways to Show Grandpa and Grandma Your Love During Quarantine

    The pandemic and its periodic distancing measures may cause seniors to feel socially isolated. Here are ways to make grands in the family feel loved despite the physical distance. 

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    6 DIY Gifts You Can Make For the Grandparents

    ?You don’t need a special occasion to gift something to the seniors at home, but with Grandparent’s Day coming up on 9 October, you’ve got every reason to make them feel special with a DIY gift tailored to suit their personality.

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    Complimentary for the month of September
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    Complimentary for the month of September
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  • Family Activities in September 2021

    September serves up a smorgasbord of surprises for the family! As Singapore eases up on restrictions, head outdoors to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival light-up, gardening events and even dragon boating on Marina Bay.

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    4 Fab Ways to Maximise Bonding Time During ‘My Family Weekend’

    Long weekends are perfect bonding time for the family. With Teachers’ Day coming up, the long weekend of 3 to 5 September 2021 looks set to be an awesome one! Try out these activities and spend some family time together.

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    Explore the Heartlands: Hougang

    ?Rather than thronging the malls, stroll through Hougang for some family-friendly activities and scenic spots that double up as lessons about Singapore’s heritage.

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    How Modern Dads Parent: An Interview with Daddy Blogger Edmund Tay

    Fathers are no longer just the breadwinners in the family. Popular daddy blogger Edmund Tay shares his views about the key role that dads play in modern-day families.

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    Goofiest Games to Try at Home

    Whether you are raising toddlers or tweens, these oldies but goodies, with some that come with a modern twist, will be sure to raise big laughs at home.

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    #AskFFL: How Can We Be A Mentally Resilient Family?

    Dealing with stress can be a real struggle for kids. Teaching them problem-solving strategies can help them lead resilient and empowered lives. In this #AskFFL series, Dr Daniel Fung, head of the Institute of Mental Health, shares his best advice on resilience and mental wellness for families with CNA938FM.

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  • #AskFFL: How Can Parents Bond with Their Baby?

    Science has shown that bonding with your baby can foster a deeper parent-child relationship and boost baby’s overall wellbeing. What are some ways to achieve this? In this #AskFFL series, parenting expert Dr Shefaly Shorey and new dad Tim Low, share their thoughts and tips.

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    When is the Right Time to Give Your Child a Mobile Phone?

    Your primary schooler may be asking to have his or her own mobile phone, but is it too early to confer this privilege and responsibility? Here’s what you should consider before making a decision.

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    Teamwork is the Dream Work: How to Split Responsibilities at Home

    While we’d all like for it to happen, there’s never going to be a 50/50 split between partners on housework, parenting and even finances. But when you feel like you’re bearing the brunt of the work at home, how do you encourage your partner to step up for the good of your marriage and the kids?

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    4 Ways to Help Your Child Be a Gracious Loser

    Whether it is crying after losing a video game or insisting on re-throwing the dice after losing in a board game, most children have trouble managing their emotions when experiencing early “failures”. As parents, how can we teach them to lose graciously and pick themselves up from setbacks?

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    7 Ways to Maintain Marital Harmony During Covid-19

    Being confined at home due to Covid-19 has taken a toll on some marriages. But maintaining marital harmony during this stressful time is possible if couples exercise patience and empathy and overcome the challenges as a team.

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