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  • Bunny Town Adventure

    Welcome to Bunny Town Adventure where all our paths lead to fun family-centred learning! Bunny Town Adventure offers a fun way to learn about family values through exciting games with an engaging storyline. For children ages 3 to 7.

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    WiseJourneys for Parents

    Coming Soon
    Various Programme Dates Available

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    21 May - 18 Jun 2022
    2pm - 4pm

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    Family Activities in May 2022

    ?????With Labour Day, Mother’s Day and Vesak Day all coming up in May, there is no better time to check out the myriad family activities in store here in Singapore.??

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    4 Ideas for a Memorable Day Out on Mother’s Day

    ????Gift your mum with an unforgettable day out, in the company of her nearest and dearest. Not sure what kind of experiences mum will prefer? Here are some suggestions from omakase dining to hiking through the forest!???

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    5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

    ????As Mother’s Day rolls around this May, how can we celebrate the super woman in our lives with minimal impact to Mother Earth? Here are some thoughtful – but sustainable – ideas that will light up Mum’s face while doing our part for the environment.??

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  • Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Love Styles

    ?Mini Marriage PREP Tips: PREP has identified 6 love/support styles based on a wealth of relationship research on social support. If you’re familiar with the popular book, “The 5 Love Languages,” you will notice PREP’s love styles are complementary, but distinct. As we explore the 6 love styles, consider which style(s) you identify with most, and pick-up some practical tips to support your spouse in their preferred love style(s)!?

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    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Enemies of Fun

    ??Mini Marriage PREP Tips: What are some of the enemies of fun for couples, and how can they be overcome?

    view-count 156 1 Month ago

    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Events, Issues and Core Needs

    ?Mini Marriage PREP Tips: What are events, issues, and core needs? By knowing these, how can we improve the way we understand and communicate with our spouse??

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    5 Fun E-games to Introduce to Grandpa & Grandma

    ?Do your seniors at home find technology too daunting? What better way to ease the grandparents into tech than through electronic games? Get the kids to introduce grandpa and grandma to e-classics and watch them bond over Wordle, Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush or even Pokemon Go.??

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    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: 4 Communication Patterns to Avoid

    ???????????????Mini Marriage PREP Tips: 4 Communication Patterns to Avoid. Check out the 4 four common destructive patterns that couples can fall prey to if the conflict is not handled well.???

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    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Speaker-Listener Technique

    ?Mini Marriage PREP Tips: ???The Speaker-Listener Technique is an effective tool to help couples talk without fighting. The Technique is a set of rules that ensures each person gets a chance to speak their views; and that what is being said is accurately heard.?

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  • Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Three Keys to a Successful Relationship

    ?Mini Marriage PREP Tips: There are many forces working against healthy relationships. Fortunately, there are 3 key things you can do to counteract those forces.?

    view-count 209 1 Month ago

    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Communication Difficulties

    ???Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Communication Difficulties. Check out this tip to overcome communication difficulties with your spouse!??

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    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Time Out Tool to Manage Conflict

    ????Mini Marriage PREP Tips: What is the Time Out tool, and how can we use it to manage conflict with our spouse????

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    Explore the Heartlands: Kallang

    ????Slip away from the main city area with this guide to Kallang! With its huge array of sports activities, range of delicious dining spots and even a little bit of heritage, this neighbourhood had something for everyone in the family to enjoy.??

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    Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Relationship Quality

    ???????????????????Mini Marriage PREP Tips?: Relationship Quality. Check out the 2 tips to strengthen your relationship quality with your spouse!?

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    Mini Marriage PREP Tips

    ??????????????????????????Most of us will probably agree to how great communication skills in a marriage don't just happen overnight- they take lots of work. Check out our nifty mini Marriage PREP tips!

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