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  • Hike and Explore the Heartlands: Jurong

    The western tip of Singapore is chock-full of options when it comes to family-friendly spaces and activities. Tip: you’ll need more than one weekend to cover them all. 

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    5 Family Traditions You Can Pass On

    Family traditions carry unique family values and foster strong family connection. When practised consistently over time, they help to create unforgettable memories for the whole family to look back on in the years to come.

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    3 Baby Sleep Secrets Every Parent Should Know: An Interview with Sleep Expert Zoe Chu

    Once a mombie and now a sleeping beauty; sleep consultant Zoe Chu strives to help babies sleep soundly. Here are her top tips for getting a good night’s rest for the whole family.

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    5 Secrets to Calm Parenting

    Does your children’s behaviour often set off a strong emotional response from you? Try these easy anger management tips and you’ll be on your way to becoming a cool, calm and collected parent.

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    What to Do When Your Teen Starts to Crave Designer Brands

    While it is perfectly normal for your teen to start hankering after designer labels that cost more than what he or she can afford; when does materialism become a problem? What are some financial tips teens can apply and what lessons can parents impart?

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    Are the grandparents spoiling your kids?

    Have your parents or in-laws been saying yes to your children’s every demand? Or giving them too much junk food or screen time? Here’s what to do when the elderly sitters appear to overindulge the little ones.  

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    ?The National Library Board's list of book recommendations for children and teens.

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    Commentary: Why living close to my siblings works for me

    ?A commentary by Tan Chin Hock on why he chose to live close to his siblings. While there are definitely challenges to navigate, he noted the many upsides that the close proximity brings.

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    4 Tips and Tricks for Urban Farming at Home

    Teach the little ones where their fruits and veggies come from by letting them grow their own! But before you eagerly start planting, check out our handy guide to improve your chances of a bountiful harvest.

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    4 Ways to Avoid a Power Struggle with Your Children

    Getting your children to cooperate may seem like an uphill battle. But in choosing to remain calm, offering controlled choices and not making empty threats, a power struggle can be avoided altogether.  

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    7 Best Celebrity Marriage Tips

    Celebrity marriages aren’t known to last, but when they do withstand the pressures of fame, scheduling conflicts and ego, you know the couples are on to something. Here are some of the best tips from notable stars.

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    6 Sports That Grandma and Grandpa Will Enjoy Doing

    Now that the school holidays are here, it’s time to lose the academic mugging (and shed some pounds). What better way to do it than to challenge the entire family in the sporting arena? Find out what are some friendly low-impact sports exercises for seniors to consider.

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  • Surviving a Miscarriage

    Hollywood celebrity Chrissy Teigen’s public sharing about her pregnancy loss brought to light the severe trauma experienced by grieving mums. How do you recover after losing a baby? How do you explain the loss to your children? And how do you grow stronger as a family from here?

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    Family Activities in January 2021

    From an adorable otter-themed hide-and-seek game and educational virtual workshop to an immersive week-long art festival, you and your family won’t be running out of fun things to do in January 2021.

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    10 New Year Resolutions to Make as a Family for 2021

    ?If you’re looking to forge closer relationships while staying healthy and happy as a family in the coming year, these attainable 10 New Year resolutions will come in handy.

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    Living with Diah Mastura’s Party of Five

    ?Parenting is a sweet challenge but when you have a party of five kids living under one roof, things can get very chaotic. We take a sneak peek into the life of mom and influencer, Diah Mastura, as she shares tips on parenting a big family while juggling a career. 

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    Hike the Heartlands: Seletar & Jalan Kayu

    Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and explore family-friendly activities, scenic/heritage spots and great food options in the quaint neighbourhood of Seletar and Jalan Kayu. 

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    Tan Chin Hock shares his thoughts with Families for Life after the CNA938 interview on fostering multi-generational bonds with DJ Host, Susan Ng and Mr Albert Lim, Families for Life Council Member.

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