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After four years, the Olympic of football, which binds the world under the universal language of football – FIFA World Cup 2018 is finally back! Being the second most watched live sports event in the 21st century just after the Summer Olympics games, football has solidified its position as the most popular sports in the world.

Although the live telecast is scheduled to show in Singapore way past the kids’ bedtime, thanks to encores, smart tv recordings and YouTube, watching FIFA with the kids is now completely possible. Here are 5 reasons why you should watch FIFA World Cup 2018 with the kids:

Enlightens Kids about Different Countries in the World

Being the most popular sports in the world, the diversity observed among participants is undeniable. Even with the unifying language of football, different cultures are revealed in the games. “Football is a universal language that we speak with different accents,” explained Tim Vickery, a Rio-based soccer journalist. Having the kids watch different matches between different countries will open their eyes to the nationalities around the world.

Teaches Kids About the Spirit of Sportsmanship

Virtues of fairness, generosity, courage and self-control are all part of great sportsmanship that, when carried into our lives, can make us into better people. FIFA definitely is a great chance for the kids to witness great sportsmanship. There are no pushing or fighting in the game, everyone plays fair and produces fair results. Players who do not play by the rules are penalised and the whole team suffers. And at the end of the day, everyone tries their best. Watching the losing team respectfully and humbly congratulate the winning team, no matter what the circumstances, teaches young kids the values of true sportsmanship, which are also applicable in real life.

Gets Kids Interested in Sports

With social media and endless TV shows, getting kids into sports is becoming harder nowadays. FIFA presents the perfect chance to introduce football to your children. While there are many strategies and regulations involved, the overall game is extremely simple – kick the ball into the goal. The simplicity of the game is what makes football the most popular sports ever. Watching the games gives the children a slight high that makes playing football in real life much more exciting.

Football is a Game of Effort

Some people are more gifted physically, with taller frames and bigger build. However, when it comes to the field, those physical traits do not matter as much as skills and techniques acquired through practice and hard work. Keeping the ball in control is more important than running fast; kicking accurately is more valuable than kicking far. Football is a well-rounded game, where physique, skills and strategy all have a crucial part to play. FIFA is a reminder to young kids that even with talents, efforts must be made to truly succeed in real life.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

No matter how talented a player is, he cannot win the cup alone. Many times throughout the history of FIFA, great teamwork has proven to be more significant than having talented players. 2014 FIFA World Cup’s champion team – Germany is evidence to the importance of teamwork. Despite having no notable players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, Germany had an indisputable victory. Their smooth teamwork and support for each other through strategic game plans was what won them FIFA World Cup 2014.