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Fancy dinners, gifts and extravagant spa experiences are all nice gestures for Mother’s Day. But the greatest gift of all is expressing the importance of your mother and the critical role she has in your family. How about celebrating Mother’s Day by creating a new memory – one that honours motherhood and by showing your appreciation for your mother?

Here’s a suggested one-day itinerary that will bring about fun, love and laughter with extended family members!

MORNING 09:00-10:30
Breakfast Potluck

All mothers love being pampered.
Why not host a Mother’s Day potluck at Grandma’s house to honour all the mothers in the family, celebrating the different generations?

For a Mother’s Day potluck, each family is to bring a dish to grace the table. Since it is Mother’s Day, mothers should not be cooking or preparing the dish. Each dish should be one of mummy dearest’s favourites. It is time for children and Fathers to whip up something delicious in the kitchen.

This will be a great occasion for Mothers in the family to lounge and relax whilst exchanging motherhood stories and perhaps a tip or two.


Breakfast in Bed
Plan a sleepover the night before with cousins, aunts, and grandmother together under one roof. Get up bright and early to prepare a breakfast in bed experience for the mothers!

Here are some do-it-yourself breakfast options:

1. Kaya Toast and Half-Boiled Eggs
You can get kaya jam at Ya Kun Kaya Toast Stores (Singapore’s favourite)! For the creation of the perfect soft-boiled eggs, it is all about the timing. Put eggs in a pot of hot water and leave them for about 6 minutes, if your mother prefers runny eggs. If you are using smaller eggs or prefer them runnier, leave the eggs in for a shorter time.

2. Economical Bee Hoon
Create a homemade version that is easy on the oil and salt! Pair fried bee hoon with side ingredients like egg, a few slices of luncheon meat, choy sum and cabbage.

3. Breakfast Pancakes
This is a fool-proof recipe for all. Simply purchase one of the many pre-made pancake mix in supermarket and follow the instructions on the packaging. Once the pancakes are done, garnish them with fresh fruits! Drizzle honey or maple syrup to taste.

If you and your cousins lack cooking skills, simply wake up earlier to buy packed hawker food. Think Roti Prata, Char Tow Kway, Chee Kueh, Chee Cheong Fun, Sayur Lodeh, Congee, and the list goes on!

Serve it on a tray and surprise your mothers in bed. Even steep a cup of tea as her morning beverage. What an indulgent morning breakfast!

NOON 12:00 – 15:00
Schedule a Family Photo Shoot

Take this Mother’s Day to get all dolled up and gather together as a family for a professional photoshoot. As time goes by, you never know who is going to move overseas for school or work, or what will happen next year. A professional photoshoot helps to capture beautiful family moments.

Choose family-centric photographers. If you have young children in the family, you would want a photographer is experienced at capturing kids who can’t seem to sit still for a picture. You can ask photographers for their portfolio to see which photographer matches your style and would be best to capture your cherished moments.

EVENING 17:00-20:00
Belt out the Classics with Your Mothers

Bring your grandma to belt out to Teresa Teng, while mummy dearest can channel her inner Gloria Gaynor or Celine Dion at karaoke bars. Just holding a microphone and belting out to chart-topping hits will make anyone feel like a megastar!

We suggest:
1. Cash Studio
With seven branches throughout town and Bedok, their large, retro 70s ambience rooms are perfect for big groups and equipped with discotheque lighting, and a podium with a mic stand.

2. Teo Heng KTV
At Teo Heng, there is no hidden charges. Known for its cheap and good facilities, you can even bring your own food to the premises! With locations across various heartland areas, search no more for your next karaoke session.

3. Manekineko
Japan’s leading karaoke chains with more than 500 outlets nationwide is here in our humble island-nation! Spot their adorable cat mascot displayed in their stores and various rooms. This brightly lit studio is a breath of fresh air from the usual gloomy and darker design of karaoke bars. Also, its vibrant interior boasts a safe and clean ambience for all!