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The Families for Life Council comprises 13 members and includes a broad mix of representatives from different sectors, backgrounds, races and ages. Read more about the Council members at About Us.

The Council promotes the Families for Life movement in promoting family as a building block of Singapore's society and engages in conversations with families from all walks. The Council aims to develop relevant and exciting programmes to promote the importance of having regular family time to strengthen family bonds and build ‘families for life’ amongst Singaporeans.

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3 Generation Family, Elderly Care, Family Bonding, Family Issues

#AskFFL: How Can We Make Way for Baby in a Multi-generational Family?

The arrival of a baby can unify a family but it can also throw relationships asunder. Setting ground rules, ensuring two-way communication and learning to respect boundaries are just some ways for multi-generational families to navigate misunderstandings and live harmoniously.

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Child Development, New Parents, Family Bonding

#AskFFL: How Can Parents Bond with Their Baby?

Science has shown that bonding with your baby can foster a deeper parent-child relationship and boost baby’s overall wellbeing. What are some ways to achieve this? In this #AskFFL series, parenting expert Dr Shefaly Shorey and new dad Tim Low, share their thoughts and tips.

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Parent-Child Relationships, Family Bonding, Health Matters

#AskFFL: How Can We Be A Mentally Resilient Family?

Dealing with stress can be a real struggle for kids. Teaching them problem-solving strategies can help them lead resilient and empowered lives. In this #AskFFL series, Dr Daniel Fung, head of the Institute of Mental Health, shares his best advice on resilience and mental wellness for families with CNA938FM.

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Family Bonding, Travel Tips

#AskFFL: What are the different ways to bond as a family?

In this #AskFFL interview, FFL Council Chairman Mr Ishak Ismail and FFL Council Member Mrs Sher-Li Torrey discuss the different strategies parents can adopt for successful family bonding.

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