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The Families for Life Council comprises 13 members and includes a broad mix of representatives from different sectors, backgrounds, races and ages. Read more about the Council members at About Us.

The Council promotes the Families for Life movement in promoting family as a building block of Singapore's society and engages in conversations with families from all walks. The Council aims to develop relevant and exciting programmes to promote the importance of having regular family time to strengthen family bonds and build ‘families for life’ amongst Singaporeans.

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Family Bonding, Health Matters

Exercise is Medicine: An Interview with Dr Elly Sabrina

​Dr Elly Sabrina is an enthusiastic champion for exercise and healthy living in the community. Learn how this family physician, mother of two teenagers and public role model help others lead an active, healthier lifestyle.

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Happy couple walking on the beach at sunset
Growing your relationship, Communication, Commitment

The Science of Happy Marriages

Learning to fall in love with your spouse all over again builds the foundation for your happy marriage! Also hear from marriage experts from Marriage Convention 2017 share marriage tips for happier, stronger marriages.

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Family hands stacked on top of each other holding a small red heart
Parent-Child Relationships, Family Bonding

Love Them, No Matter What

FFL Council Member Gurmit Singh is a household name in Singapore. Out of the limelight, he is also a father of 3. Read more about his fathering experience here.

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A toddler girl playing with toys
Disciplining, Child Development

Values and Character Development in Children

​FFL Council Member, Mrs Sarojini Padmanathan shares some methods to guide the child on what behaviour is acceptable and what is not.

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