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A father of 3, the Filial Piety Award Recipient strives to be a role model to his children. Chin Hock is also the author of Father (父), Mother (母). You can purchase the hardcopy version of the book at Kinokuniya.

A former Commando, he lives an active and healthy lifestyle and takes care of his well being so that he can look after his family well. He loves to share tips and experiences on child rearing, building harmonious relationships and strengthening family ties. 

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Family Bonding, Child Development, Child Education

How Letting Children of Varying Ages Play Together Helps Each Child Develop

​​​Whether you have three kids of your own or are trying to entertain a couple of them at once (perhaps from friends or cousins), you will find it fairly easy to entertain them if they’re the same age. But what if those ages are quite different from one another, perhaps 10, 7, and 5?

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Family Bonding, Caregiving, Family Issues

Suggestions for Building Strong Families

How can we keep our family united and strong so that as a family we can overcome challenges as a whole (especially during the COVID pandemic)? Guest Contributor Tan Chin Hock shares some suggestions.

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Family Bonding

Commentary: Chinese New Year shouldn’t be the only time we meet our extended family

In the old days, it was common for cousins to come over often but slowly that important link to family has been lost. The pandemic is a good reminder to continue this practice, says an observer.

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3 Generation Family, Family Bonding

Commentary: Why living close to my siblings works for me

​A commentary by Tan Chin Hock on why he chose to live close to his siblings. While there are definitely challenges to navigate, he noted the many upsides that the close proximity brings.

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