As the chief memory-maker, parents often run out of ideas to spend time together as a family. Activities have to be fun to engage children. At the same time, they must accommodate the elderly. A little imagination can solve that, though. Here are some ways to enjoy the best of both worlds:

  • Do a background check. Check if the venues you are planning to go is child-friendly or cater to elderly needs. With technology so readily available, conducting background checks are easy. You can visit the website, drop an email or simply call to clarify. This is to avoid disappointment upon arrival.
  • Pack everything you need. This includes water, snacks and if it is necessary, umbrellas and ponchos. Disposable wet towels are particularly useful for tackling any mess. Make sure they are on hand.
  • Next, cater enough time to enjoy a leisurely pace.
  • Look for signs that your children or elderly parents are tired. Change the itinerary or take a break immediately. You want everyone to enjoy. After all, a family outing should be fun.
  • After the visit, ask your children and elderly parents for their opinions. This not only provides feedback for planning your next outing. It also gives fodder for chit-chats.

Family outings make good sessions for bonding. With the right planning, the whole family can have great fun. 

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