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Parent-Child Relationships

7 things about becoming a second-time mother

Having a second child may be challenging, including both children during outings fosters a good relationship in the family and builds a strong bond together.

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Child Development, Parent-Child Relationships

A home made for children

​Use positive parenting principles  to provide a safe environment at home for your child to explore and learn.

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Disciplining, Parent-Child Relationships

6 ways to stop tantrums in toddlers

​Having trouble with tantrums in toddlers? Michelle Choy, a mother of six shares her own tips on how we can manage your child's tantrums effectively.

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Child Development, Disciplining, Parent-Child Relationships

5 tips to successfully engage your child in play based learning

Children pick up various developmental skills when they learn through play. Find out more on how to engage your child in this article!

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School Matters

5 Ways to Say ‘Thank You’ on Teachers’ Day

Teachers are a big part of every school-going child's life. Many do not simply teach but act as role models, counsellors, coaches, friends, and support for their students. Here are some of the ways we can honour and celebrate our educators on Teachers' Day.

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Disciplining, Child Development, Parent-Child Relationships

10 Things To Say To Your Child Instead of Stop Crying

How can parents teach their child to regulate what they are feeling? Jacinth Liew, a mother of two shares how we can support our children with their emotions. We can help by validating their emotions and teach them how to communicate using words to express themselves.

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Parent-Child Relationships, Child Development, Family Bonding

Fathering is Heart Work for Modern Dads

Fathers today are more than just the breadwinner and authority figure in the family. But are modern dads well equipped for the multiple roles they play? CEO of and father of four Bryan Tan shares how dads have become more present and involved at home.

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Grandparenting, Family Bonding, Parent-Child Relationships

7 Eco-friendly Lessons We Can Learn from Grandpa and Grandma

Our grandparents can teach us a thing or two about being green. For them, mending, upcycling and being resourceful have always been a way of life. Rediscover trusty hacks that have served the older generation and that will help you save money and the planet.

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