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Child Education, School Matters, Health Matters

6 Smart Ways to Destress During Exam Season

October is known as the season for year-end examinations and it is probably every student’s most dreaded month. The relentless revisions and pressure can take a toll on their mental and physical health. Here’s how to help your kids (and even yourself) take a step back and gain perspective.

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care for your teens mental health image
Teenage Issues, Parent-Child Relationships, Health Matters

How to Care For Your Teen's Mental Health

In light of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, we cast the spotlight on the emotional wellness of teenagers. How do parents recognise early signs of problems and support our children’s mental health? 

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New Parents, Child Education, Money Matters

Saving is Hard But Not Impossible: Important Money Tips for Parents from Dawn Cher, SGBudgetBabe

Bringing up young children is an expensive affair, but mum of two Dawn Cher, more affectionately known as SGBudgetBabe, is determined to pass on the virtue of prudence to her young charges.

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FFL Parenting
New Parents, Child Development, Parent-Child Relationships

Families for Life Parenting

Families for Life Parenting is a one-stop parenting information portal for parents-to-be, parents with young children aged 0 to 6 years old and caregivers of these children. You can find a wide range of resources, supported by research and experts to help you raise a healthy and resilient child. 

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Parent-Child Relationships

How Modern Dads Parent: An Interview with Daddy Blogger Edmund Tay

Fathers are no longer just the breadwinners in the family. Popular daddy blogger Edmund Tay shares his views about the key role that dads play in modern-day families.

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Parent-Child Relationships, Family Bonding, Health Matters

#AskFFL: How Can We Be A Mentally Resilient Family?

Dealing with stress can be a real struggle for kids. Teaching them problem-solving strategies can help them lead resilient and empowered lives. In this #AskFFL series, Dr Daniel Fung, head of the Institute of Mental Health, shares his best advice on resilience and mental wellness for families with CNA938FM.

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Child Development, New Parents, Family Bonding

#AskFFL: How Can Parents Bond with Their Baby?

Science has shown that bonding with your baby can foster a deeper parent-child relationship and boost baby’s overall wellbeing. What are some ways to achieve this? In this #AskFFL series, parenting expert Dr Shefaly Shorey and new dad Tim Low, share their thoughts and tips.

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When is the Right Time to Give Your Child a Mobile Phone?

Your primary schooler may be asking to have his or her own mobile phone, but is it too early to confer this privilege and responsibility? Here’s what you should consider before making a decision.

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