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Money Matters, Child Development, Child Education

Teaching Kids Life and Money Management: Entrepreneur and Financial Educator Loo Cheng Chuan Shows Us How

​Father of three Loo Cheng Chuan is best known for his 1M65 movement using CPF. He is also a believer that financial education should start young and be grounded in sound money values. Learn how this savvy investor teaches his kids about financial prudence and responsible money management.​​

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3 Generation Family, Family Bonding

6 Fun Activities for Grandparents to Do with Grandchildren

​​When the seniors and juniors in your family get together, spending time in each other’s company need not be limited to sharing meals and watching TV. Try these fun activities to build the bonds between the two generations.​

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Family Bonding, Parent-Child Relationships

Sibling Rivalry: How to Help Your Kids Get Along

​Do your kids bicker, tease or tattle on one another? While sibling rivalry is all part of growing up in a family, parents can also play a part in encouraging healthy sibling relationships.​

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Family Bonding, Child Development, Child Education

How Letting Children of Varying Ages Play Together Helps Each Child Develop

​​​Whether you have three kids of your own or are trying to entertain a couple of them at once (perhaps from friends or cousins), you will find it fairly easy to entertain them if they’re the same age. But what if those ages are quite different from one another, perhaps 10, 7, and 5?

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Parent-Child Relationships, Teenage Issues

Winning Ways to Get Along with Your Teen

​​Navigating the teen years can be tough as your child starts challenging the rules in their quest for independence. But with the right parenting mindset, you can have a healthy parent-teen relationship. Get some tips on how to form a stronger bond with the adolescent in your life.​

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Parent-Child Relationships, Child Development, Family Bonding

Having a Growth Mindset: How Mum of Three and Co-Founder of Trehaus School, Elizabeth Wu Navigates The Trials of Parenthood

​​​Raising three young children while managing a business and teaching is a big ask, but having a growth mindset is how multi-hyphenate mum Elizabeth Wu navigates parenthood and the trials that come with it.​

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Family Bonding, 3 Generation Family

4 Fun and Simple Activities to Bond with Baby

​​​​Your baby’s early days are so fleeting, so don’t let them slip by without taking the time to bond with your precious little one. Here are 4 simple activities you can do with your baby to form closer bonds, having lots of fun while at it.​​

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YCF Video Playlist
Family Bonding, Parent-Child Relationships, 3 Generation Family

Stories that Celebrate SG Families

​​From March to June 2022, let’s Celebrate SG Family! There are many ways we can do this – offering an affirming word, or carving out time from our busy schedules to be present. We showcase some short video stories that celebrate SG families and how family is an important pillar of support in our lives.

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