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3 Generation Family, Elderly Care, Family Bonding, Family Issues

#AskFFL: How Can We Make Way for Baby in a Multi-generational Family?

The arrival of a baby can unify a family but it can also throw relationships asunder. Setting ground rules, ensuring two-way communication and learning to respect boundaries are just some ways for multi-generational families to navigate misunderstandings and live harmoniously.

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Ways to show grandma and grandpa your love
Grandparenting, 3 Generation Family

5 Ways to Show Grandpa and Grandma Your Love During Quarantine

The pandemic and its periodic distancing measures may cause seniors to feel socially isolated. Here are ways to make grands in the family feel loved despite the physical distance. 

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DIY gift ideas for your grands
3 Generation Family, Family Bonding, Grandparenting

6 DIY Gifts You Can Make For the Grandparents

You don’t need a special occasion to gift something to the seniors at home, but with Celebrating Our Grands Day coming up on 9 October 2021, you’ve got every reason to make them feel special with a DIY gift tailored to suit their personality.

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3 Generation Family, Work-Life Harmony

Why Success and Family Go Hand in Hand: An Interview with Nichol Ng

You don’t always need to choose between family and work. Head of FoodXervices and The Food Bank, Nichol Ng, shares how family has played an integral part in driving her career to success.

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3 Generation Family, Family Bonding

#AskFFL: How Do Love Languages Affect Family Relationships?

In this #AskFFL interview, Families for Life Chairman Mr Ishak Ismail, shares his views on the five love languages as explained by marriage guru Gary Chapman, and how they can affect family relationships.

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3 Generation Family, Family Bonding, Work-Life Harmony

Keeping the Extended Family Together Despite a Pandemic

COVID-19 kept this extended family of 13 apart and disrupted a family affair that had lasted for years. But with the help of technology, they have found new ways to get closer together.

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Singapore Circuit Breaker Apr 2020
Family Bonding, 3 Generation Family, Work-Life Harmony

Meltdowns, TikTok Challenges and Baking: This Family of Nine Did It All during Circuit Breaker

Tiktok, exercise, art, and a bundle of fun. This multi-generational family took the challenge of the circuit breaker as an opportunity to grow closer together. Tapping on individual strengths, to spice up their activities.

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3 Generation Family, Family Bonding

Commentary: Why living close to my siblings works for me

​A commentary by Tan Chin Hock on why he chose to live close to his siblings. While there are definitely challenges to navigate, he noted the many upsides that the close proximity brings.

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