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Supporting Single Fathers in Singapore

​How do we help single fathers navigate solo parenting? Community partners such as the Centre for Fathering and HCSA Community Services provide practical resources and social support for dads who are raising their children alone. 

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Caregiving, Family Bonding

4 Myths & Facts About Family-friendly Practices in Singapore

​Did you know if you are a working parent with a child below seven, you are eligible for six days of paid Childcare Leave annually? Find out the facts and other family-friendly benefits you get to enjoy when you raise your family in Singapore.

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Family Bonding, Caregiving, Family Issues

Suggestions for Building Strong Families

How can we keep our family united and strong so that as a family we can overcome challenges as a whole (especially during the COVID pandemic)? Guest Contributor Tan Chin Hock shares some suggestions.

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Caregiving, Family Issues, Growing your relationship

Teamwork is the Dream Work: How to Split Responsibilities at Home

While we’d all like for it to happen, there’s never going to be a 50/50 split between partners on housework, parenting and even finances. But when you feel like you’re bearing the brunt of the work at home, how do you encourage your partner to step up for the good of your marriage and the kids?

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Caregiving, Child Education, Teenage Issues

4 Ways to Avoid a Power Struggle with Your Children

Getting your children to cooperate may seem like an uphill battle. But in choosing to remain calm, offering controlled choices and not making empty threats, a power struggle can be avoided altogether.  

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Caregiving, Money Matters, Child Development, New Parents, Marriage Preparation, Family Planning

Baby Budget: Financial Tips for New Parents

Baby budgeting: From prenatal check-ups to baby supplies to preschool fees – the numbers may feel overwhelming. Find out how you can handle a new baby’s arrival without breaking the bank or having a breakdown!

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Caregiving, Elderly Care, Grandparenting

3 Memory Hacks to help Grandma and Grandpa Stay Sharp in their Golden Years

Memory lapses and forgetfulness are part and parcel of natural aging. How do we help the seniors in our family cope with it? Here are a few tips on how we can help grandpa and grandma stay sharp.

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3 Simple Ways to Help Grandpa and Grandma Cope with Social Distancing
Caregiving, Elderly Care, Family Bonding

3 Simple Ways to Help Grandpa and Grandma Cope with Social Distancing

Is social distancing stressing the seniors in your family out? Here are some practical ways you can help to make this period easier for them.

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