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Family Bonding, Caregiving, Family Issues

Suggestions for Building Strong Families

How can we keep our family united and strong so that as a family we can overcome challenges as a whole (especially during the COVID pandemic)? Guest Contributor Tan Chin Hock shares some suggestions.

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3 Generation Family, Elderly Care, Family Bonding, Family Issues

#AskFFL: How Can We Make Way for Baby in a Multi-generational Family?

The arrival of a baby can unify a family but it can also throw relationships asunder. Setting ground rules, ensuring two-way communication and learning to respect boundaries are just some ways for multi-generational families to navigate misunderstandings and live harmoniously.

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Caregiving, Family Issues, Growing your relationship

Teamwork is the Dream Work: How to Split Responsibilities at Home

While we’d all like for it to happen, there’s never going to be a 50/50 split between partners on housework, parenting and even finances. But when you feel like you’re bearing the brunt of the work at home, how do you encourage your partner to step up for the good of your marriage and the kids?

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Family Issues, Health Matters, Child Education, Child Development

6 Ways to Help Your Child Manage School Bullying

Bullying is never okay. If your child is a victim of bullying in school, recognising the signs early, providing your child with unconditional support and collaborating with the school are some useful ways to manage the situation.

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Family Issues, Communication, Parent-Child Relationships

How to Mend the Bridge with Your Mum or Dad

Unresolved conflicts can lead to estrangement between generations over time. This means your children may not get to enjoy the company of doting grandparents as they grow up. Here’s how you can start mending the bridge between yourself and your parents.

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Family Bonding, Family Issues, Communication, In-Laws

Living with the In-Laws: 5 Tips to Make It Work

Living with the in-laws after marriage can be tricky as each party tries to navigate the small space and retain individual privacy. But with patience, tolerance and effort from both parties, sharing a loving home with them may not be impossible after all!

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Family Bonding, Family Issues

5 Ways to Help Feuding Siblings Get Along

​Research has shown that close sibling ties can lead to better life satisfaction and mental health. But achieving this takes work, especially when the kids don’t see eye to eye. Find out how you as a parent can help.

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Teenage Issues, Child Education, Family Issues

Your Teen is Dating for the First Time – How to Keep Calm and Ride the Wave

​The idea of your teen’s first date can be scary and mystifying. As a parent, how should you best respond? What are the to-dos and do-nots of navigating this tricky phase of your teenager’s life?

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