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Ways to show grandma and grandpa your love
Grandparenting, 3 Generation Family

5 Ways to Show Grandpa and Grandma Your Love During Quarantine

The pandemic and its periodic distancing measures may cause seniors to feel socially isolated. Here are ways to make grands in the family feel loved despite the physical distance. 

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DIY gift ideas for your grands
3 Generation Family, Family Bonding, Grandparenting

6 DIY Gifts You Can Make For the Grandparents

You don’t need a special occasion to gift something to the seniors at home, but with Celebrating Our Grands Day coming up on 9 October 2021, you’ve got every reason to make them feel special with a DIY gift tailored to suit their personality.

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3 Generation Family, Family Bonding, Grandparenting, Communication, Communication

5 Ways to Break the Ice with Grandma and Grandpa

Are your kids dumbfounded when it comes to conversing with the grandparents? Here are some great ideas to help the kids get the conversation going with Grandpa and Grandma.

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Caregiving, Elderly Care, Grandparenting

3 Memory Hacks to help Grandma and Grandpa Stay Sharp in their Golden Years

Memory lapses and forgetfulness are part and parcel of natural aging. How do we help the seniors in our family cope with it? Here are a few tips on how we can help grandpa and grandma stay sharp.

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3 Generation Family, Family Bonding, Grandparenting

How Well Do We Understand Our Grands?

Bridge that generation gap and forge closer bonds with your grandparents through these activities!

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Grandparents: Building Relationships
Grandparenting, 3 Generation Family, Family Bonding

Grandparents Building Relationships

Why family relationships are important for grandparents.

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Grandparents: Communicating with Your Grandchild's Parents
3 Generation Family, Grandparenting, Family Bonding

Grandparents: Communicating with your grandchild's parents

Why communicating with your grandchild's parents is important.

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Looking after your granchildren
Grandparenting, Caregiving, 3 Generation Family

Looking After Your Grandchildren

Benefits and tips for caring for your grandchild!

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