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Work-Life Harmony

Want More Time with Your Kids? Here’s What a Family-Friendly Workplace Looks Like

​Struggling to balance family and job demands? Whether you’re a new parent or have school-going children, it is important that you find a workplace that fits your lifestyle. Here is what to look out for in a family-friendly workplace.

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Parent-Child Relationships, Child Development, Communication, Marriage Preparation, Work-Life Harmony

Families for Life @ Community

Families for Life @ Community invites you to join us for fun bonding activities, curated marriage and parenting programmes and resources in the neighbourhood.

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Family Bonding, Work-Life Harmony

Family Forever: How Mediacorp Celebs Make Time for Their Loved Ones

Join our local Mediacorp celebs Ben Yeo, Justin Ang, Huda Ali and Eswari Gunasagar as they take time out to bond with the loves of their lives.

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3 Generation Family, Work-Life Harmony

Why Success and Family Go Hand in Hand: An Interview with Nichol Ng

You don’t always need to choose between family and work. Head of FoodXervices and The Food Bank, Nichol Ng, shares how family has played an integral part in driving her career to success.

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3 Generation Family, Family Bonding, Work-Life Harmony

Keeping the Extended Family Together Despite a Pandemic

COVID-19 kept this extended family of 13 apart and disrupted a family affair that had lasted for years. But with the help of technology, they have found new ways to get closer together.

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Singapore Circuit Breaker Apr 2020
Family Bonding, 3 Generation Family, Work-Life Harmony

Meltdowns, TikTok Challenges and Baking: This Family of Nine Did It All during Circuit Breaker

Tiktok, exercise, art, and a bundle of fun. This multi-generational family took the challenge of the circuit breaker as an opportunity to grow closer together. Tapping on individual strengths, to spice up their activities.

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Family playing game console
Family Bonding, Work-Life Harmony, Parent-Child Relationships

Growing Closer as a Family through the Pandemic

Scrabble, video games and good old quality family time. The Circuit Breaker in 2020 might have been a downer, but it definitely brought FFL Volunteer Jessica Zhuo, and her family much closer together. Talk about the power of fun and games!

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Mum and child with mask
Family Bonding, Work-Life Harmony, Parent-Child Relationships

A Mother's Day Special: Motherhood during a Pandemic

Mothers in Singapore faced many unprecedented challenges when COVID-19 hit in 2020. Their responsibilities increased and stress was at an all-time high. But many found new joys with their families too. See how motherhood has changed during a pandemic through the eyes of two Families for Life Volunteers.

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