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parent working from home
Work-Life Harmony, Parent-Child Relationships

3 Tips for Working From Home With Kids

​Working from home can be a challenge with kids in the mix, especially when it is for a prolonged period of time. Check out these tips to help you juggle your multiple roles at home.

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Achieving World-Class Standards at Home and at Work
Work-Life Harmony

Achieving World-Class Standards at Home and at Work

​Renowned for their emphasis on work-life balance in a growing economy, Swede may be able to teach us a thing or two about juggling family and work. We find out how from Swedes in Singapore!

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Championing Family Friendly Workplaces the Singaporean Way
Work-Life Harmony

Championing Family-Friendly Workplaces the Singaporean Way

Employers are going all out to support their employees with family-friendly initiatives for My Family Weekend. We find out from 6 companies in Singpaore how and why they are doing so.

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Communicate, Cultivate and Explore a Pro-Family Workplace
Work-Life Harmony

Communicate, Cultivate, and Explore a Pro-Family Workplace

​With familial and professional responsibilities becoming increasingly difficult to strike a balance in between, here’s how employers and HR leaders can help employees have work-life harmony.

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Embraer Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Family Day at Kampung Kapus
Family Bonding, Work-Life Harmony

More Employers Pledge Support for Family Life

My Family Weekend 2018 saw a record of more than 250 employers adopting family-friendly workplace options on 31 August, of which more than 40% were SMEs.

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Family Bonding, Health Matters, Work-Life Harmony

8 Reasons for Your Family to Eat Dinner at Home

​Eating dinner together as a family brings you many benefits. You get to bond, save money, eat healthy, teach your kids self-sufficiency and much more.

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A happy family of three blowing bubbles in a park
Family Bonding, Work-Life Harmony

Joy In The Family Does Not Simply Happen, Make It Happen

Here are some tips on effective time management which might help you create more family time together.

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Happy employees having a discussion
Work-Life Harmony, Family Bonding

Local Companies Adopt Family-Friendly Initiatives in Celebration of My Family Weekend

From "Bring Your Family to Work" day to allowing employees to leave work early so they can have dinner with their families, check out what these companies family-friendly initiatives are to encourage family time in celebration of My Family Weekend 2017. 

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