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Communication, Growing your relationship

How parenthood changed our marriage

​Robyn Wong-Niamkongkit, a mother of three shares her journey on parenthood and her relationship with her spouse when their first new-born baby arrive. 

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Money Matters

5 Smart Money Hacks for Young Couples

​Even the most loving couples can have difficulties coming to a consensus about finances, but when they start being honest and collaborative, the future can be brighter and more secure.

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Money Matters

Should Couples Share a Joint Account?

​It can be hard to discuss money matters between a couple but having a joint account can promote transparency in finances and improve relationships in the long run.

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Family Planning

8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Know If You're Ready for a Baby

Becoming a parent is a big responsibility and it’s natural for couples to be hit by the baby jitters. Here are 8 questions to ask yourself if you are ready to welcome a new addition to the family.

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Growing your relationship

4 Signs That You Have a Happy, Stable Marriage

Our social media feed may be filled with picture-perfect images of couples in love, but what does an emotionally fulfilling, stable marriage really look like? Here are some signs that you are in a healthy, thriving relationship.

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Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Love Styles

​Mini Marriage PREP Tips: PREP has identified 6 love/support styles based on a wealth of relationship research on social support. If you’re familiar with the popular book, “The 5 Love Languages,” you will notice PREP’s love styles are complementary, but distinct. As we explore the 6 love styles, consider which style(s) you identify with most, and pick-up some practical tips to support your spouse in their preferred love style(s)!​

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Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Events, Issues and Core Needs

​Mini Marriage PREP Tips: What are events, issues, and core needs? By knowing these, how can we improve the way we understand and communicate with our spouse?​

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Mini Marriage PREP Tips: Enemies of Fun

​​Mini Marriage PREP Tips: What are some of the enemies of fun for couples, and how can they be overcome?

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