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Growing your relationship, Commitment, Communication

#AskFFL: Dating in Marriage

​Is it inevitable that couples lose the spark in their marriage over time? With 25 years of marriage experience and counting, Boaz and Claire Nazar have found the answer is no. They share how dating in marriage has helped them keep the flame burning through the decades.

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Communication, Commitment, Communication

5 Ways to Be a Better Listener to Your Spouse

Faulty communication and poor listening are usually the triggers behind arguments that are blown out of proportion. Here are some ways to actually hear your spouse’s point of view and find a mutually amicable way out of any disagreement.

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Commitment, Communication, Growing your relationship, Couple Issues

Top Marriage Myths You Should Stop Believing In

​If you are thinking of tying the knot, there are a few marriage myths you should stop believing in for a happier and long-lasting marriage.

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Communication, Commitment

7 Ways to Maintain Marital Harmony During Covid-19

Being confined at home due to Covid-19 has taken a toll on some marriages. But maintaining marital harmony during this stressful time is possible if couples exercise patience and empathy and overcome the challenges as a team.

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Commitment, Communication

#AskFFL: What Are the Keys to a Thriving Marriage?

In this #AskFFL interview, Arthur Ling and Chang Chee Siah, who have been married for 23 years with three children, share their formula for sustaining a successful marriage.

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Commitment, Communication, Newlyweds

Finding Bliss In Simplicity

​Newlyweds Samuel Toh and Deenise Yang show how a wedding during a pandemic can be a cosy, unfussy celebration that is no less meaningful.

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Commitment, Marriage Preparation, Wedding

How to Have Your Dream Wedding in a Pandemic

Has the pandemic taken your dream wedding away? Despite the restrictions, a small wedding can still be meaningful if you’re willing to let go of certain ideals and focus on having fun on your big day. Just think of all the money you would save!

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Commitment, Commitment, Marriage Preparation, Dating Tips, Wedding

5 Signs You Are Ready for Marriage

You and your significant other have a stable, loving relationship. You know each other’s friends and family, and all is rosy. But surely, marriage can wait? You may be more ready than you think if you nod at any of these signs.

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