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Growing your relationship, Commitment, Communication

#AskFFL: Dating in Marriage

​Is it inevitable that couples lose the spark in their marriage over time? With 25 years of marriage experience and counting, Boaz and Claire Nazar have found the answer is no. They share how dating in marriage has helped them keep the flame burning through the decades.

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Commitment, Communication, Growing your relationship, Couple Issues

Top Marriage Myths You Should Stop Believing In

​If you are thinking of tying the knot, there are a few marriage myths you should stop believing in for a happier and long-lasting marriage.

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Family Issues, Communication, Couple Issues, Growing your relationship

#AskFFL: How Do We Resolve Conflicts at Home?

What’s the better way to resolve conflicts—to barge in and solve it, or to withdraw and hope it blows over? Marriage educator Mrs Claire Nazar, and mummy-mentor, Mrs Jodi Yong, share their thoughts.

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Growing your relationship

How to Ease the Mental Load in a Marriage

Saying “I Do” is the easy part but how many couples can say “I Still Do’ after the honeymoon period is over? Delegating, trusting your partner to do their part and showing initiative are some ways in which couples can help to ease each other’s mental load in a marriage.

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Growing your relationship, Dating Tips

7 Best Celebrity Marriage Tips

Celebrity marriages aren’t known to last, but when they do withstand the pressures of fame, scheduling conflicts and ego, you know the couples are on to something. Here are some of the best tips from notable stars.

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Communication, Newlyweds, Growing your relationship

Surviving a Miscarriage

Hollywood celebrity Chrissy Teigen’s public sharing about her pregnancy loss brought to light the severe trauma experienced by grieving mums. How do you recover after losing a baby? How do you explain the loss to your children? And how do you grow stronger as a family from here?

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The Art of Ageing Gracefully Together
Empty Nester, Growing your relationship

The Art of Ageing Gracefully

The mid-life crisis may be a tough patch as physical signs of ageing become more apparent and the kids withdraw into their respective worlds. Here’s how you and your better half can help each other navigate this season of life and renew your love at the same time. 

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How to Mend Things after a Circuit Breaker Fight
Growing your relationship, Communication

How to Mend Things after a Circuit Breaker Fight

Staying home 24/7 with your better half for months on end means endless opportunities for friction. Here’s how to kiss and make up after a spat during lockdown.

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