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Growing your relationship

4 Signs That You Have a Happy, Stable Marriage

​​Our social media feed may be filled with picture-perfect images of couples in love, but what does an emotionally fulfilling, stable marriage really look like? Here are some signs that you are in a healthy, thriving relationship.​​

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Commitment, Communication, Growing your relationship

AfA Interview Series: Staying in love, even after 50 years

​Find out how five decades of marriage makes for a fulfilling life together from two senior couples who recently celebrated their Golden Anniversary. Together with Alliance for Action’s (AfA) member Ms Lynn Er in this interview, the couples share the secrets of their enduring love.

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Communication, Growing your relationship

How to Say “I Still Do” When You Have Been Married a Long Time

​Wondering how to say “I Still Do” when you have been married a long time? Skip the grand gestures like poetry and love letters! Instead, use simple affirming phrases every day to strengthen your love and commitment to each other.

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Growing your relationship, Commitment, Communication

#AskFFL: Dating in Marriage

​Is it inevitable that couples lose the spark in their marriage over time? With 25 years of marriage experience and counting, Boaz and Claire Nazar have found the answer is no. They share how dating in marriage has helped them keep the flame burning through the decades.

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Commitment, Communication, Growing your relationship, Couple Issues

Top Marriage Myths You Should Stop Believing In

​If you are thinking of tying the knot, there are a few marriage myths you should stop believing in for a happier and long-lasting marriage.

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Family Issues, Communication, Couple Issues, Growing your relationship

#AskFFL: How Do We Resolve Conflicts at Home?

What’s the better way to resolve conflicts—to barge in and solve it, or to withdraw and hope it blows over? Marriage educator Mrs Claire Nazar, and mummy-mentor, Mrs Jodi Yong, share their thoughts.

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Newlyweds, Commitment, Growing your relationship, Wedding, Marriage Preparation

Why You Should Attend Marriage Programmes

A good marriage needs a good foundation and it takes commitment, effort and skills. Marriage Programmes help couples to build fulfilling and life-long marriages.

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Growing your relationship

How to Ease the Mental Load in a Marriage

Saying “I Do” is the easy part but how many couples can say “I Still Do’ after the honeymoon period is over? Delegating, trusting your partner to do their part and showing initiative are some ways in which couples can help to ease each other’s mental load in a marriage.

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