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3 key issues for newly-weds or soon-to-be-married couples
Newlyweds, Family Planning, In-Laws, Money Matters

3 key issues for newly-weds or soon-to-be-married couples

​For soon-to-be-married or newly-wed couples, marriage is the start of a new chapter where you will probably find yourself making some adjustments in your life. Here are 3 top issues you need to have an open discussion with your partner to give your marriage a strong start.

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When it seems you are not on the same side as your in-laws
In-Laws, Communication, Newlyweds

When it seems you are not on the same side as your in-laws

You don’t marry one person, you marry the whole family. What happens when you are not in sync with your in-laws? Here are some tips for you to try.

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How Saying No Builds Stronger Marriages
Communication, Commitment, In-Laws

How Saying 'No' Builds Stronger Marriages

​Learn to protect your marriage, set boundaries and manage expectations.

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A graphic of a man holding a Peace sign
Communication, In-Laws, Family Issues, 3 Generation Family

Caught in the Middle - Wife vs Mother

Being caught in the middle in relationship issues and conflicts between his wife and mother, our contributor Tan Chin Hock, shares some suggestions in managing such situations and maintaining family harmony.

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An elderly couple and a young couple posing for a photo

Can Your In-Laws be a Source of Family Strength?

​A positive relationship with your in-laws can be a tremendous source of strength in your marriage.

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A senior couple and a young couple having a meal
In-Laws, Marriage Preparation

7 Ways to Win Your In-Laws Over

​Take active steps to relate to your in-laws as individuals and family members and find a way to begin a positive and close relationship with them.

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An elderly man speaking to a couple
In-Laws, Parent-Child Relationships

Getting Along with Your Son-in-Law or Daughter-in-Law

​When your child marries, you are often faced with adjusting to the role of a new parent-in-law. Managing potential conflicts with grace and diplomacy will allow you to build a positive relationship with your child's spouse.

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Three generations of woman (grandmother, mother and daughter)
In-Laws, Family Issues

How to Help Your Parents Get Along with Your Spouse

​You can take steps to help your parents and your spouse form a positive and healthy relationship.

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