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Communication, Commitment, Growing your relationship, Newlyweds

I Still Do Couple Challenge

​Take on our I Still Do Couple Challenge and stand to win great prizes as you take an intentional step to strengthen your marriage for the longer run.

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5 Celebration Ideas for Couples

From big moments like anniversaries to personal wins and to getting a promotion at work, there are numerous life events that are worth celebrating as a couple. Making time to celebrate also shows that you care. Here's how to make these events special and memorable.

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Commitment, Communication, Newlyweds

Mini Marriage PREP Tips

Most of us will probably agree to how great communication skills in a marriage don't just happen overnight- they take lots of work. Check out our nifty mini Marriage PREP tips!

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Newlyweds, Commitment, Communication

AfA Interview Series: Marriage Prep for Newly-weds

​Learn how Alliance for Action’s (AfA) FA2 member Yvon Bock keeps the spark alive in her marriage even after 20 years. She shares how young couples can set a strong foundation in their marriage through PREP, marriage preparation courses designed especially for soon-to-be-wed or newly-weds.

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Commitment, Communication, Newlyweds

Finding Bliss In Simplicity

​Newlyweds Samuel Toh and Deenise Yang show how a wedding during a pandemic can be a cosy, unfussy celebration that is no less meaningful.

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Newlyweds, Commitment, Growing your relationship, Wedding, Marriage Preparation

Why You Should Attend Marriage Programmes

A good marriage needs a good foundation and it takes commitment, effort and skills. Marriage Programmes help couples to build fulfilling and life-long marriages.

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Communication, Newlyweds, Growing your relationship

Surviving a Miscarriage

Hollywood celebrity Chrissy Teigen’s public sharing about her pregnancy loss brought to light the severe trauma experienced by grieving mums. How do you recover after losing a baby? How do you explain the loss to your children? And how do you grow stronger as a family from here?

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4 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding
Wedding, Marriage Preparation, Newlyweds

4 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding

Have you had to cancel your dream wedding dinner due to Covid-19? There are still ways to celebrate your nuptials – and they are likely to cost less too.

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