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happy family of 4
Parent-Child Relationships, Teenage Issues, Disciplining, Child Development

Parenting Programmes to Equip Parents

Parenting programmes to equip parents with resources, knowledge and skills to build a strong and happy family. Sign up now!

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New Parents, Health Matters

3 Baby Sleep Secrets Every Parent Should Know: An Interview with Sleep Expert Zoe Chu

Once a mombie and now a sleeping beauty; sleep consultant Zoe Chu strives to help babies sleep soundly. Here are her top tips for getting a good night’s rest for the whole family.

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Child Education, Disciplining

What to Do When Your Teen Starts to Crave Designer Brands

While it is perfectly normal for your teen to start hankering after designer labels that cost more than what he or she can afford; when does materialism become a problem? What are some financial tips teens can apply and what lessons can parents impart?

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Child Education, Child Development, School Matters

3Do's & To-Dos to Start a New School Year Right

New year, new start. Going back to school means greater responsibilities for students as they move up another level in their educational journey. How can parents help their kids get the new school year off on the right foot?

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Caregiving, Family Bonding, Child Education

8 Ways to Get Your Kids Organised

Do your children's rooms and study desks look like the aftermath of a Catergory 5 hurricane? Get them to clean and declutter with these handy tips.

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Baby Bonus Parenting Resources
New Parents, Child Development, Parent-Child Relationships

Baby Bonus Parenting Resources

​The Baby Bonus Parenting Resources is a one-stop parenting information portal for parents-to-be, parents with young children aged 0 to 6 years old and caregivers of these children. You can find a wide range of resources, supported by research and experts to help you raise a healthy and resilient child. 

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Family Issues, Communication, Child Education, Child Development

Mental Wellness in Children: Recognise Signs for Help

With World Mental Health Day on 10 October (and exams looming), it’s the perfect time for you to check in on your child’s mental wellness. Recognise common signs that may raise certain red flags and learn what to do about it.

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Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child
Child Development, Parent-Child Relationships

Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child

Parenting a highly sensitive child and keeping up with the demands of a post Covid-19 world can be overwhelming. But understanding your child’s unique needs and providing a supportive environment is the key to overcoming these challenges.

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