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Teenage Issues, Child Development, Child Education

Keeping Kids Safe from Cyber Dangers

​​​Parenting in the digital age can be a challenge for even the most cyber-savvy mum and dad. Find out how we can guide our young ones and keep them safe from online dangers.​

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Family Issues, Child Development, Health Matters

Touch Me Not: Teaching Kids Body Safety and Awareness

​Preschool teachers are now trained to teach body safety skills to their young charges. While it is helpful for kids to learn about personal boundaries and appropriate behaviour from school, how can parents reinforce the same messages at home? Here are five simple ways!​​

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Family Bonding, Child Development, Parent-Child Relationships

6 Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to be Independent

Are your kids too dependent on you to get things done in and out of the home? Well, children don’t become independent overnight! Here are some fun ways you can nudge your child towards independence at different ages and stages.

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Child Development

When a Loved One Dies: Talking to Kids About Loss and Grief

​​Coping with the death of a loved one is tough enough for adults to deal with. Kids experiencing loss and grief for the first time may find it extremely confusing and upsetting. What are the ways you can support them as they learn to cope with death?​

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Child Development, Teenage Issues

My Child Wants a Social Media Account: What Should I Do?

​​​​The ideal scenario is probably never, but social media helps us, including the young ones, connect with friends and get inducted into the world of responsible information sharing. Here’s how you know your child is ready and what you should do to prepare him or her before it happens.​

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Child Development, Parent-Child Relationships, Child Education

Learning Through Play: A Parent’s Quick Guide

Young children love to play. That’s great because studies have shown that they learn plenty while playing! And playtime is a great opportunity to bond too, for parents and the Grands alike. Here’s a quick guide for you on some activity ideas to get you started.

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Child Development, Parent-Child Relationships

AfAM Interview Series: Parenting Together

​Mr Martin Chok, an Alliance for Action (AfAM) for Parenting Together member, shares how Singapore parents can make use of the rich resources and community support available here to raise happy, well-adjusted children.​

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Teenage Issues, Parent-Child Relationships

#AskFFL: How Can I Find That Magical Combination of Firm and Kind Parenting?

​Kind but firm parents set boundaries, while having a kind and loving relationship with their children. Sher-li Torrey from Mums@Work and Cheekiemonkies dad Kelvin Ang share tips on how they manage that balance of being both caring and firm.

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