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Child Development, Health Matters

5 Tips For a Healthier Family Life

​Parents are their children’s first influencer, so a healthy family starts with adopting healthy habits. We suggest some small changes you can make in your daily life to get the best out of yourself and your loved ones!

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Child Development

5 Ways to Help Children Process Difficult Emotions

​It is normal for children to get thrown off by feelings of anger, sadness, disappointment or even jealousy. Here’s how you as a parent can help them process these difficult moments.

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Child Development

How to Empower Your Child to be Independent

​How do we empower our children with the skills to handle life's challenges? Ms Carol Loi, the co-founder of SGFamilies and a member of the Alliance for Action to Strengthen Marriages and Family Relationships, shares how we can strike the right balance between protecting our children and helping them learn independence and resilience.

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Child Development

Little Children, Big Emotions - Growing Self-Regulation in Babies

Self-regulating emotions in their little bodies isn't innate. Their caregivers and the environment play a crucial role in gearing them up for difficult emotions - here's how you can do so!

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Child Development

Making Memories - Ways To Boost Our Children's Working Memory

Do you know that having good memory can boost your child's performance in school? Here are some simple yet effective strategies to incorporate in your everyday life to start developing your child's memory.

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Child Development

Oh Baby! How Much Baby Talk Is Too Much

​Myth busted! Do you know that there is no research that show that baby talk hinders language development? In fact, it is encouraged to baby talk to your child more! Read on to find out how baby talk can strengthen their language abilities.

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Child Development, Parent-Child Relationships

How to communicate with your child

Children start to develop and pick up language skills from their early years and it is important to show children examples of attentive listening and teaching them how to express themselves during coversations.

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Child Development

How You Praise Your Children Is What They Will Grow To Value

How often and when do you praise your child? What kind of values do you hold when you praise your child for doing something positive?

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