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Child Education

Not Just Playing Around - Children's Language Skills Depend On It

Do you know that a child's playtime can contribute to their language development and communication skills? Here're some activities and games you can do with your child to kickstart their learning journey.

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Child Education

Introducing Your Child To The World Of Words

Prepare your environment to be print-rich with plenty of books, as well as label common and frequently used items at home to give your child exposure to written words.

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Child Education

Little bright minds: Before numbers and words, babies are already learning

​Do you know that developing literacy skills starts from infancy? Parents and home environment are crucial to their development - read on to know how you can be a part of their journey. 

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Child Education, School Matters

5 Stress Busters for Exam Season

​October is exam high season, as students around the island prepare to clear their last academic hurdle before the long-awaited holidays arrive (yay!). Here are some tips on how we can cool the exam fever as we cheer our kids on to the finishing line.

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Child Development, Child Education

Bilingualism and our babies: Starting them young

​Introducing a second language to your child starts from a young age. Read more to find out how Shawn Quek, a father of two incorporate Mandarin in his home environment with his daughter.

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Child Development, Child Education

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat – it nurtures children

​Curiosity should be encouraged to allow children to learn naturally. Let your child lead you and support them by creating opportunities around the topic of interest.

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Child Development, Child Nutrition, Child Education

Family Wellness Campaign (In Collaboration with MCDONALD'S)

Families for Life collaborates with McDonald's to support parents in promoting their children's mental well-being and making Triple P more accessible in the communities.

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Teenage Issues, Child Development, Child Education

Keeping Kids Safe from Cyber Dangers

​​​Parenting in the digital age can be a challenge for even the most cyber-savvy mum and dad. Find out how we can guide our young ones and keep them safe from online dangers.​

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