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Child Education

4 Ways to Help Your Child Be a Gracious Loser

Whether it is crying after losing a video game or insisting on re-throwing the dice after losing in a board game, most children have trouble managing their emotions when experiencing early “failures”. As parents, how can we teach them to lose graciously and pick themselves up from setbacks?

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Child Education, New Parents

3 Ways You Can Talk About the Birds and the Bees to Your Child Without Blushing

It’s one of the most dreaded conversations for parents to have with their prepubescent children. How and when do you start explaining where babies come from, what sex is and the changes that happen in their bodies?

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Money Matters, Child Education

What Your Kids Can Learn About Money Through Covid-19

Economies are shrinking, layoffs are happening en masse and everyone’s tightening their purse strings. Worrying as they are, financial issues that have accompanied the Covid-19 pandemic can make great learning opportunities for children.

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Caregiving, Family Issues, Family Bonding, Family Planning, Child Education

The Fine Art of Juggling for Dual-Career Parents

Juggling work, children and spouse can be a fine balancing act for dual-career couples. Find out how Adriana Lim Escaño and Bryan Tan share responsibility to ease the stress of juggling multiple roles.

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Child Development, Child Education, Parent-Child Relationships

#AskFFL: How Does Covid-19 Affect Special Needs Children?

The Covid-19 pandemic kept us home for safety reasons but prolonged social isolation can negatively affect children with special needs. In this #AskFFL interview, Dr Elly Sabrina, FFL Council Member, shares her take on the challenges, effects and solutions to help these children cope in such situations. 

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father and son playing wooden blocks
Child Education, Family Bonding

How to Teach Your Child Social Skills in a Time of Social Distancing

Covid-19 has changed childhood in many ways, and parents may be worried about how their children’s social skills may be affected. But there is little to worry about. Parents can create opportunities at home for the little ones to practice their social skills.

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Child Education, Disciplining

What to Do When Your Teen Starts to Crave Designer Brands

While it is perfectly normal for your teen to start hankering after designer labels that cost more than what he or she can afford; when does materialism become a problem? What are some financial tips teens can apply and what lessons can parents impart?

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Child Education, Child Development, School Matters

3Do's & To-Dos to Start a New School Year Right

New year, new start. Going back to school means greater responsibilities for students as they move up another level in their educational journey. How can parents help their kids get the new school year off on the right foot?

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