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Parent-Child Relationships, Disciplining

Do you notice and affirm your child for doing good?

​Do you notice and give praises to your children when they are doing good? Take the time to be aware of the small little actions your child is making and give compliments.

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Disciplining, Child Development

Does your child give up easily?

​​How fast does your child give up when faced with challenging situations? Let your child develop persistence by not rushing to help when there are obstacles. 

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Child Development, Disciplining, Parent-Child Relationships

Emerging from the shadows of the world’s best mum

Sophia Huang, a mother of three shares from her own experience how there needs to be a balance between firm parenting and giving your child freedom of their own choice. 

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Disciplining, Child Development

Help! My child bites!

​How can you help your child learn to express emotions instead of biting. Learn more on why your child bites.

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Parent-Child Relationships, Disciplining

Help! My toddler won’t listen to me

How do you connect with your children to get them to listen to you? Why do they not listen when instructions are given out nicely? Read further to understand that becoming a role model first in listening shows an example to your child to follow.

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Parent-Child Relationships, Child Development, Disciplining

Can your children trust you?

​Trust is important in a parent-child relationship. A father of four shares three ways on how he build trust with his children and is encouraging all fathers to develop trust with their children by building a relationship and being there for them when they need.

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Child Development, Disciplining, Parent-Child Relationships

Discipline is not a dirty word

​Discipline is not alway punishment. Learn more on what are the various ways to establish healthy boundaries for your child.

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Disciplining, Parent-Child Relationships

6 ways to stop tantrums in toddlers

​Having trouble with tantrums in toddlers? Michelle Choy, a mother of six shares her own tips on how we can manage your child's tantrums effectively.

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