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At Families for Life, we believe that strong families are the pillars of a strong community.  A community that believes in fostering the shared values of giving, sharing and caring.
You and your family can be a part of this movement. Volunteer your time as a family and forge a stronger bond when you join as FFL Volunteer.



Past Activities
Here are some fun activities we've done in the past.

Volunteers of FFL came together to show appreciation to our community's unsung heroes and their families during these uncertain times of Covid-19. The #FFLShareTheCare initiative was a way for families to express their gratitude to those working hard to keep us all safe.

Mother's Day
In 2020, mothers around Singapore got “front row seats” to a show like no other – ‘Homemade for mums’, an evening of song, laughter and heartfelt tributes.

Current Activities
Pick a cause and volunteer with your family!

Details for volunteer opportunities will be provided when available.