Everything changes. Anniversaries come and go. Only one thing stays.


Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.” ―Paulo Coelho, Aleph 

Meaning is what gives life a purpose. Learn the meaning behind each wedding anniversary. Wedding anniversaries can be traced back to the Holy Roman Empire. Back then, only the twenty-fifth, and the fiftieth anniversary were celebrated. Now there are more wedding anniversaries. After all, life is to be celebrated.

1st - Paper
The marriage begins with a clean sheet of paper, a brand new chapter in life.

2nd - Cotton
The married couple’s lives are woven together like cotton by the 2nd year of marriage.

3rd - Leather
This represents the protection as we often use leather for. The marriage is now in its 3rd year and provides security.

4th - Fruit & Flowers
By the 4th year, the marriage has blossomed like a flower and ripen like fruit.

5th - Wood
It has been 5 years; now the marriage is like a tree with strong roots.

6th - Candy
Sweet. That is what the 6th year of marriage is about. Rekindle the flames that brought the marriage together.

7th - Copper & Wool
Copper and wool, known for their heat-retaining qualities, symbolises a heartwarming 7th year of marriage.

8th - Bronze
Bronze is an amalgamation and represents the union of lives.

9th - Pottery & Willow
A union of two lives is moulded like pottery and fired by the vagaries of life to form sculptures of beauty. The willow symbolises the flexibility needed in a solid marriage.

10th - Tin
The metal represents preservation and longevity. For the married couple, the decade anniversary is a milestone and shows that they are in for the long haul.

11th - Steel
One of the strongest metal in the world, steel pays a fitting homage to a marriage in its 11th year.

12th - Silk
By now, the marriage has been forged by turbulent times. The couple can look forward to a smooth journey ahead.

13th - Lace
Lace is a classy and delicate fabric. 13 years on, the marriage is the epitome of elegance and lace is the perfect embodiment.

14th - Ivory/Animals
In olden days, the 14th-anniversary gift was ivory, but reckless endangerment means it is no longer ethical. Precious and pure, ivory symbolises the loyalty of a marriage in its 14th year.

15th - Crystal
Crystal is the first luxurious item on the anniversary list. The pricey nature is symbolic of the sacrifices the married couple had made through the years.

20th - China
China represents the alluring frailty of love. It is the most renowned type of pottery, revered for its durability and beauty, the best symbol for a 20-year marriage.

25th - Silver
Silver is a much-coveted metal; it is highly regarded across the world. This makes it a very apt representation of a 25-year union.

30th - Pearl
Pearls mature slowly in the shells of oysters. Its satin lustre makes a becoming symbol of the true grace of a 30-year marriage.

35th - Coral
Because of its blood-red appearance, coral is regarded as a symbol of vitality. This makes it very suitable for a 35-year union.

40th - Ruby
The fiery red gemstone represents the passion of love. It shows how the marriage is going strong after four decades.

45th - Sapphire
Sapphire is the gemstone of royalty making it the best gift for leading celebrations of a 45-year union.

50th - Gold
Only gold befits this attainment of a lifetime. Gold is the highest accolade for any achievement and celebrates the half-century mark with glory.

Sometimes words say nothing at all; meanings say everything. That is why there is not a single word in the language of love. There are only meanings. But you do not search for the meaning of love—you make it.

The true meaning of love is to make meaning for your love.