One day a year is hardly enough for us to show our appreciation and gratitude to the mothers in our lives! But with the COVID-19 increasing the parenting burden and adding to the mental load of women who had to juggle household responsibilities with work-from-home arrangements, it’s likely that we’ve got even more to thank the mothers for this season!

So this Mother’s Day, let’s make it extra memorable, and go above and beyond to show our mothers how much they mean to us! Here are some suggestions of what you can do:

#1 Forget high tea, splurge on an unforgettable omakase

Done the picnics and high teas over the last few Mother’s Days? This year, take it up a notch with an omakase meal at one of Singapore’s finest Japanese restaurants.

Places like Shinji by Kanesaka offer both lunch and dinner omakase options, while Sushi Jiro has a selection of six, eight and 10-course options to fit your appetite and budget. No doubt, omakase prices can be a little steep if you’re bringing the whole family—but the experience is priceless, and in any case, mum is worth it!

#2 Rest and relax at luxurious spa day

No better way for mum to soothe those weary joints than spending Mother’s Day at the spa! There are plenty of options available at different price points, but if you’ve got kids or elderly in the family, why not try Yunomori Onsen and Spa? It offers a range of different massage and other pampering treatments, and a day-pass for different ages who might not be keen on the massages to access the onsen!

Prices start at $28 for children and seniors, and $38 for adults.

#3 Enjoy a mesmerising candlelight concert

Is mum a fan of Beethoven, Queen, Joe Hisaishi, Hans Zimmer, or simply loves her film music? Literally bring music to her ears this Mother’s Day with a candlelight concert at one of Singapore’s iconic venues, like Victoria Concert Hall, CHIJMES Hall, or even the S.E.A Aquarium !

With a range of genres, there’s bound to be something she can appreciate, and no matter the location you choose for your candlelight concert, the experience is similar: Flameless candles and mesmerising music make for a relaxing, dreamy atmosphere and unforgettable night. A must-try for music lovers!

#4 Adventure to Clementi Forest

If mum is into more athletic and outdoors activities, get the family to join her in a hike through Clementi Forest ! With its abandoned railway tracks, secret tunnels, and abundance of green, Clementi Forest is a rare, undisturbed spot in our urban city—making it a memorable Mother’s Day spot for those more adventurous at heart… and who don’t mind a little mud.

As a bonus, the forest is also close to Sunset Way, so the family can be rewarded at the end of the trail with brunch at Olla or Sunset Railway Cafe . Just remember to check the weather, read up on the route to take , and get proper hiking gear before you make the trip!