Movies about grandparenting are few and far between. But here are four bittersweet and heart-warming ones that are bound to make movie nights with grandma and grandpa extra special. Do remember to prepare some tissues – just in case!

The Princess Diaries

When Mia Thermopolis’s estranged grandmother turns up at her house declaring her as the heir to the throne of Genovia in Europe—fifteen-year-old Mia is shell shocked. What follows is a series of hilarious incidences as Mia tries to juggle her adolescence with her new Princess role—often to the bewilderment of her grandmother! But with patience and guidance, the pair eventually forms a close bond with Mia rising to the challenge and doing her best to emulate the grace and wisdom imparted by her grandmother. 

Funny and heart-warming all around, this tale about the coming of age and reconnecting with lost family should definitely be on the movie list when the grandparents are over!

The Farewell

This bilingual film follows the life of Billi, a Chinese American, who returns with her family to their hometown in Changchun, China, to visit her terminally ill grandmother. The family decides not to tell the grandmother of her illness and in an attempt to get everyone to visit the matriarch for the last time, schedules a big family gathering under the guise of a fake wedding.

Viewers can expect a roller coaster of emotions with hilarious scenes, poignant moments and valuable takeaways about honouring loved ones and treasuring childhood memories.  


From the shores of Motunui, comes the story of Moana, an adventurous teenager who becomes a master way-finder when she embarks on a perilous journey to save her people from the ancient curse of an angry goddess. 

Since young, Moana has always been drawn to the ocean, but her father forbids her from exploring it. When Moana becomes a teenager, her grandmother, who strongly believes that Moana has been chosen by the ocean to lift the curse, coaxes her to fulfil her destiny. After her grandmother passed away, Moana sets sail to confront the goddess, lifts the curse and saves the whole world—with the spirit of her grandmother guiding her throughout her journey. 

Although based on a fictional story, there are plenty of interesting facts about the Polynesian culture and history to look out for in this movie! More importantly, it imparts lessons about courage, self-discovery and how love and guidance from grandparents can make a big difference in the lives of their grandchildren.

Willy Wonka’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This Roald Dahl classic is an absolute must watch! This movie depicts the life of Charlie Bucket who has many hopes and dreams for his future even as he lives in poverty. But what Charlie’s family lacks in wealth, they make up for in love. Along with his mother, Charlie lives happily with all four of his beloved grandparents under one roof—a rare occurrence in these modern times.

When Charlie miraculously finds the final golden ticket (out of five) in a Willy Wonka candy bar – it was the ticket that would earn him a lifetime supply of chocolates and a tour of the chocolate factory by Willy Wonka himself. Charlie takes his favourite, Grandpa Joe, along to the factory and eventually outlasts the other four ticket holders to win the heart of Willy Wonka.

A visual treat for viewers with its many colourful scenes and bizarre music, this movie demonstrates how dreams can still come true, even in the face of overwhelming odds. But most of all, it shows how grandparents are often the biggest cheerleaders of their grandchildren’s hopes and dreams – even the wildest ones!