Singapore’s 56th birthday is right around the corner (yippee!). While large-scale celebrations might not take place, it is still possible to create some fanfare in the comfort of home this National Day with one of the most engaging family activities—cooking.

This special day calls for red and white dishes (of course) that even the littlest at home can help to put together.

1. Cupcakes with decorative frosting

Cupcakes are easily one of children’s and some adults’ favourite desserts so you won’t have any trouble getting help with the prep! All you need are a few basic ingredients: butter, sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla extract and milk. Use a simple recipe like this as a base and then get creative from there!

Split the icing into two batches. Add a drop of red food colouring into one of them. After that you may use piping bags or a spoon and start decorating. Alternatively, you can skip the icing altogether. Top your cupcakes with whipped cream and red berries for a healthier, juicy treat!

Image source: Canva

2. Ice-cream sundae

Unless you own an ice-cream maker, this doesn’t quite count as cooking as it is throwing a bunch of your favourite dessert components together. But this activity’s fun factor is unlimited, no matter your age.

Have on hand a pint (or more) of your favourite vanilla ice-cream and red and white toppings of your choice. They may include things like fresh berries, strawberry sauce, gummies (red ones of course), strawberry wafers and even rainbow sprinkles to finish off.

Image source: Canva

3. Pizza

If you don’t have time to make pizza dough from scratch (though it really is part of the fun!), you can easily get ready-made crust from the supermarket.

The toppings are what the kids look forward to customising. Let them have a ball with these ingredients: tomato paste, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni or any smoked meats and any other family favourites you can think of.

Image source: Canva

4. Agar-agar

Not only is this a beloved treat found in Singapore’s hawker centres, you can easily colour it red and white with food colouring and coconut milk. This recipe on Makansutra has you covered. Your children can come in and pour the cooled mixture into moulds or even cleaned eggshells.

Image source: Makansutra