In a world filled with gadgets, Netflix and instant gratification at the touch of a digital button, reading books has become less of a priority. Despite the variety and value of digital entertainment available today, the benefits of reading cannot be ignored. Studies suggest that kids who are avid readers have, better focus, increased interpersonal skills and a wider imagination, compared to their peers who aren’t.

So, if you would like to nurture your kids’ love for reading from a young age, and help them discover the magic on every page, here are four tips you can try!

Books Should Be Easily Accessible

A kid’s curiosity is more likely piqued if something is within reach. So, do not store their books in hard to reach places like in closed cupboards or on high shelves. Instead, pick an unused wall space in their rooms and make some simple DIY bookshelves that are easy to reach. Remember to rotate and refresh the books so that your child’s interest will continually be piqued,and to keep up with their reading level.

Kids Are Our Biggest Imitators

If we are readers, our kids will be readers too. Before bedtime daily, pick up your favourite book and find a quiet, cosy corner in your home to read. You will be surprised to see little heads pop up beside you with their books in tow. This is a wonderful calming reading activity for your family to wind down together after a chaotic day.

Make Reading to Your Kids a Daily Ritual

Read to your children even when they have become polished readers themselves. Why?

“The reason is that a child’s listening level is often higher than his reading level. Children can hear and understand stories that are more complicated and more interesting than anything they could read on their own,” Jim Trelease, author of The Read-Aloud Handbook.

To sustain your kids’ interests in a story, read to them animatedly. Reading with gusto transports them into the world of the book, stimulates their imagination and helps them to interact more effectively with the story. So, don’t hold back. Bring out the performer in you, read at an easy-to-follow pace and show them a good time!

Ditch the Toys for eBooks

eBooks are a great resource and a healthier way for your kids to enjoy screen time – especially on days where you can’t make it home in time for a bedtime story. They are also useful for kids who are beginning to read or as an alternative medium to print books. If you like, record yourself reading your kids’ favourite stories and upload them into their tablets or smart phones!