You might have heard the saying, that a father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. This Father’s Day, how do we say thank you to the men playing such an important role in our lives?

By giving him the gift of time, and doing things he loves to do! Here are some ideas:

Cycling trail

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#1 Family cycling for the fitspo father

If dad is into fitness, then rally the family up for a ride around the island this Father’s Day. There are a wide array of Cycling Path Networks (CPNs)for you to explore, and if you’re looking for something new, try the Changi Bay Point Connector. It connects Changi Beach park and East Coast Park, and at just 3.6km long, offers a beginner-friendly ride with sea views, making it perfect for the whole family!

relish private dining

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#2 Private home dining for the foodie father

Pull out all the stops to give dad a memorable private home dining experience at Relish.Sg for Father’s Day! Expect to “taste the world” with dishes inspired by cuisines from Bombay to Madrid and more, even as you and the family feast your eyes on the incredible collection of antiquities and art from across the globe.

hampstead park

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#3 Hampstead Wildlife Park for the nature-loving dad

Home to a myriad of flora and fauna, Hampstead Wildlife Park is a haven for animals, nature lovers and photography enthusiasts alike. The family can choose to stroll on the boardwalk around the water lily-filled lake, or trek a little deeper into the park for a nature walk. If you have aeroplane lovers in the family, you can also stop by the adjacent aviation themed playground, the Oval, and wrap it up with a Father’s Day meal at the nearby Hangar66 Cafe!

atelier lodge leatherwork

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#4 Leatherworking for the crafty dad

If dad loves making things with his hands and appreciates a handmade gift, then a leatherworking class at Atelier Lodge may be what you’re looking for. There are classes catering to different skill levels—whether you’ve never done it before or are a seasoned pro—so why not do it together as a family, and maybe at the end, everyone can exchange a handmade gift!

magnify glass

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#5 Escape room for the gamers and puzzle lovers

Being confined within four walls might not sound like a lot of fun—especially after the last few years of social distancing—but an escape room is well worth it! For around an hour, you, dad, and the rest of the family will be trapped in a room, and need to get creative solving puzzles, unravelling hidden messages and more to escape. Rooms come in various themes, and are perfect for dads who are fans of games, puzzles and solving mysteries.