Planning a day out for the family, including your extended family members? Look no further, the beach is the perfect outing spot! It does not require an advance booking, has plenty of space, and always promises truckloads of fun for everyone! And what’s a day out at the beach without beach games? Here are some interesting game ideas to keep the ball of family fun rolling:

Frisbee on the Line

Draw a straight ‘line’ on the beach. Form two teams or more. Position a representative from these teams at the same distance away from the ‘line’. These participants will take turns to throw a Frisbee, aiming it as close to the ‘line’ as possible. The team with its Frisbee closest to the ‘line’ wins.

Tug-of-War Goes Out to Sea

Classic game of tug-of-war is played with a slight twist—in the water! Form two teams, which consist of both adults and children. Using a skipping rope or towels tied together, attach a string in the middle and get the teams to pull the ends of the rope. The team wins when the middle string is inclined towards one side or when the opposing team falls!

What’s Your Sand-Score?

Draw a grid, it can be a 3x3 or 4x5, depending on your preference. Mark each box in the grid with a different score. For example, the first row can be 3 points each, while the farthest row can be 6 points each. Form two teams or more. Each participant will have 3 tries to throw a fixed item in these boxes. The team that accumulates the highest score wins.

Toss the Beach Ball

Form two teams or more. Simultaneously, two participants from each team will hold the ends of a large towel and toss a beach ball with the towel. The team with the highest number of consecutive tosses wins.

The Beach Mummy

Form four teams or more, each team stands within a circle drawn on the sand. A team member will be selected to be the ‘mummy’. The rest of the team’s job is to wrap the ‘mummy’ with a towel or cloth in a given amount of time. When the time is up, two members from every teams will spray with a water gun at the other ‘mummies’. The rest of the team will protect their ‘mummy’ from the water attack. The team with the driest ‘mummy’ and with their circle intact wins!

With these simple activities, you can be assured that everyone in the family will be able to enjoy the sun, sea and sand to the fullest! Up the family fun time by involving your family in the outing preparations! Roles can be assigned to family members to oversee different aspects of the outing.