It’s that time of year when we show our appreciation to the fathers among us, and what better way than by a thoughtful gift? It could be as easy as buying something from a store or getting a good meal, but handmade presents created with time and effort are the best gifts. So, get the kids involved for some productive fun with gift ideas that will put a smile on any dad’s face!

1. Show love with a hand painted picture

Get out the pens and brushes for this classic Father’s Day present. A painting is a beautiful way to show love, as it not only lends a touch of beauty to the home but the thought and effort involved are the real gifts here. The children can do a family portrait or an impression of their favourite thing about dad, and you may be surprised at the well of creativity that can follow.

2. Raise a little love with a terrarium

There are few things as lovely as this natural piece of artwork put together with effort and love. To assemble a little glass container filled with plants, do a web search on creating a terrarium, then make a trip to the garden centre. With minimal watering and care, this can bring the spark of nature to a dreary desk or shelf, and nothing makes a better gift of love than a jar filled with life by earnest hands.

3. A collage of memories

Remember that trip to the movies the kids enjoyed so much or that picnic at the beach? Create a photo collage that captures all these memories in a wall of colour that is both beautiful and meaningful. Assemble a collection of Dad’s most treasured family moments—and with scissors, glue and a picture frame—you will have a gift that can be kept for years to come.

4. Cook a comfortable breakfast in bed

Food is a great Father’s Day gift for the family, and as a twist, consider breakfast in bed for that extra comfort and surprise. Get the family to pitch in to cook and serve breakfast, while letting dad have a lie-in. It’s the thought that counts here, so even though the gift will soon vanish, this will warm tummies and make a lovely memory for the whole family.

5. Design a fun card

The handcrafted greeting card is a tried and tested way to show affection. This is a wonderful medium as it can hold both greetings and art, resulting in a fusion of practicality and charm. If you want to get really fancy, there are many unique additions and modifications you can make to your cards—from pockets for secret messages, pasted pressed flowers, to origami creations. The possibilities are simply endless!