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Stuck at home with the kids jumping around? Try working off their boundless energy with these energy zappers that need very little preparation and zero equipment! Exercise has been proven to not only improve your overall fitness, but also give your immune system a boost—all the better to fight any infections with. In fact, as little as 20 minutes of exercise can have a positive impact on your immunity.

1. Hit the dance floor

Ever tapped your feet to a Disney tune? Try blasting some music and everyone can show off their craziest dance moves! You can have a ton of fun while getting your heart rate going and burning those calories at the same time. Moving your body to music has many benefits, including giving your heart a workout, improving your balance and strength, while boosting your mood and challenging your brain.

2. Housework to workout

Never look at housework in the same way again! Getting the family to dust, sweep, mop and make beds all add up to a good workout. Who needs dumbbells? Break a sweat by lifting and lowering that box of building blocks, or cans of food as you organise your cupboards, all the while strengthening your arm muscles. Reach further when you vacuum or sweep and give those muscles a really good stretch.

3. Screen-time is exercise time

Work out while you catch up on the news or the latest episode of the Korean drama, Crash Landing on You, that everyone is talking about. If you need to keep your eyes glued to the screen for your favourite sitcom, then try lifting some weights (a heavy bag) or cranking out some squats while staying rooted to the spot. If multi-tasking is not your thing, then lounge away till the advertisements come on, when you can hit the floor for a fitness break with push-ups or planks.

4. Race at your pace

Use your furniture to assemble your own obstacle course. That will get your kids crawling and moving which can improve their coordination and develop those muscles. Send your heart racing with some animal races, where you have to either hop like a frog, waddle like a penguin or do the crab walk. Holding these tough positions will give everyone a real workout and lots of giggles.

5. YouTube workouts for results

Keen on Pilates exercises, cardio dance, upper body workouts and even yoga practice—all without a gym membership? Click on a YouTube workout, which are today’s version of workouts on DVD. Whatever your fitness goals, there’s an online video for you.

Keep the focus on the fun and being stuck at home won’t be a chore, plus you’ll get fit and enjoy some laughs along the way.