Who says you can't find adventure here in Singapore? On the contrary! Singapore is getting a bit of a rep for being an adventure-seeker's paradise. We even ranked 5th on a survey conducted by clothing retailer Superdry on the top countries to visit for outdoor travel-how’s that for adventure points?

Whether you're looking for that adrenaline kick for the entire family on land, sea, or air, you'll find it here in Singapore for sure!

NParks TreeTop Walk 

Image source: NParks

1. Walking on untrodden paths

There are hiking and walking trails aplenty for you to get your fill of adventure right here in our bustling city! Put on your hiking boots, grab your hiking stick, and get ready to explore these forested trails and nature parks on foot. Some parks don't even have official trails, so you'll need to take the untrodden paths to make your way through. But that's the spirit of adventure, isn't it?

Forest Adventure 

Image source: Forest Adventure

2. Traipse through treetop adventures

Exploring our garden city’s many treetops is certainly the stuff of adventure! Thankfully, you don’t have to wing it, there are a few treetop obstacle courses and adventure parks where you can make like Tarzan with safety. Ziplines and treetop obstacle courses are par for the course at parks like Mega Adventure Park at Sentosa, and Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park.

AC Hackett Giant Swing 

Image source: Sentosa

3. Jump into adventure

If adventure smells like an exciting bungee jump to you, you’ll want to check out Skypark by AJ Hackett at Sentosa. It is home to Singapore’s tallest bungee spot, where you can jump head first or flip right off the edge from 47 metres up. If that’s not enough excitement, you can also fly down the Giant Swing, taking in the breathtaking views of Siloso Beach as you descend at a heart-thumping 120km/h.

Mangrove Kayaking 

Image source: Singapore HeritageFest 2022

4. Kayak through nature

Singapore has been voted the top destination in the world to go kayaking by the same survey that placed Singapore as the top 5 countries in the world for outdoor adventure. The reason? We have it all. Mangroves, reservoirs, the sea… you can even fish while kayaking or go island-hopping if you're up for a real challenge! For those of us who are particularly adventurous, there’re also some places that are only accessible by kayak, like a dense mangrove along the Strait of Johor. Older kids will relish the adventure with you for sure, and the arm work out from a day of kayaking is a bonus!

Cycling trail 

Image source: Silver Kris

5. Cycling to adventure and beyond

Ditch the car and hop on your bicycle for an adventure around Singapore with the family! Even better, soak in some of the best views of our island home on your trusty bike, whether it is by the bayside, along the beach, or among nature. From leisurely beginner routes along some of our well-established parks and park connectors, to more challenging routes that take you through undulating terrain and off-road conditions, cycling, is a wonderful way to quench your thirst for adventure.