You might not be able to have a huge countdown party this New Year’s Eve, but think of it this way—you get to skip the crowds and the battle to find transport back home. Also, with these festive ideas, you can keep the New Year’s Eve party going…this time, from the comforts of your own living room!

#1 Toast to the year with fancy mocktails

If you’re a fan of celebrating the new year with a tipple, recreate the experience in a kid-friendly style with mocktails instead of cocktails. There are a wide range of recipes online, including for the Singapore Sling —but who’s stopping you from coming up with your own healthier versions ? With some fancy glasses and decorations, you’re all set to get the family to make a toast to themselves, to 2021, or even to each other as you countdown.

#2 Photobooth fun

One of our favourite parts of weddings and parties these days is the photo booth, and with the power of our phone cameras these days, there’s really no need to splurge on hiring professionals for a home party! So pop by a nearby party store for some cute hats, masks and other props, or better yet, DIY your own. It’s a fun way to get the whole family excited about the New Year’s Eve celebrations, plus, you’ll be able to make personalised signs to fit each family member’s character.

#3 Create your own fireworks

While it’s always nice to watch the fireworks live, social distancing might make you think twice about driving down to watch in person. So this year, why not look online for some of the nicest fireworks videos from across the world and play it on your large-screen TV? Add some party poppers and sparklers, and you’re ready to countdown—you won’t even have to wait till midnight to enjoy it.

#4 Replicate the iconic New Year’s ball drop

Just as Times Square is going to be brimming with life this New Year’s Eve, so you can have your kids bursting with excitement when the clock strikes 12. With some gold and silver paint, foil paper, and tons of glitter, you can put together a ball-shaped piñata that resembles the iconic ball drop in New York for the children to smash. It’s a little more work, but look at it this way, the candy that the kids will get is sure to sweeten the entire night!

#5 Reflect and make resolutions

Setting resolutions for the new year is a good way to get the family to celebrate the old year, and reflect on what they’d like to improve on in the future. To help the resolutions stick past the first week of January, it’s worthwhile to set some rules for the types you make. You can even put these resolutions into a time capsule to be opened on the last day of 2022, to see how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved.