Our beloved nation turns 55 this August! With the birthday bash just around the corner, here are 55 ways to unleash the patriot in you and show Singapore just how much you love her!

Celebrate National Day with a bang!

1. Contribute to the President's Challenge and receive an e-recipe booklet for “Red and White” National Day desserts! President Halimah Yacob has contributed her very own agar-agar recipe within.

You may also get your Agar-Agar Recipe Kit from Phoon Huat’s retail stores or online at www.redmanshop.com, where 40% of each kit purchase will be donated directly to President’s Challenge. Corporate bulk purchases are welcomed too, email customerservice@phoonhuat.com to enquire. We have also got recipes from local bakeries and social enterprises such as MINDS, Soul Food and Metta Cafe. Have fun trying the recipes out with your family and share your creation on social media with the hashtag #FFLShareTheCare. Find out more!

2. Fly the Singapore flag with pride from 1 July till 30 September 2020.

3. Get rid of that earworm! Learn the lyrics to your favourite National Day songs and you will be humming these nostalgic tunes all the way through August.

4. Host a zoom party with family and friends as you catch the National Day Parade together.

5. Get into the spirit of National Day by watching this 900-strong virtual choir singing ‘Home’ in unison!

6. Learn the significance behind the crescent and five stars on our flag.

7. Dress in red and white on National Day – you cannot get more patriotic than this!

Shout out loud on social media! (#TogetherStrongerSG, #NDP2020, #OurHeartForSG, #FFLShareTheCare)

8. On 9 August, from 10am to 5.30pm, catch FFL’s specially curated online programmes by #FriendsofFFLShares volunteers for families to enjoy together, on our Facebook page. While you are at it, wish Singapore a Happy Birthday on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok!

9. Time to reminisce! Upload a photo of a place, food or object that reminds you of Singapore and share its story.

10. Film your family’s heartfelt tributes on a 55-second video, upload and share it.

11. Love singing? Sing a birthday song for Singapore or any of your favourite national day songs. Upload and share y​our ‘performance’ for everyone to see!

12. Tweet a thank you message to all our front liners and healthcare workers who are working tirelessly to keep Singapore safe.

Singaporeans give back – volunteer and donate to good causes.

13. From 15 July to 15 August, Families for Life encourages families to share the care in support of its “Red and White” National Day desserts campaign to raise funds for President's Challenge. Find out more about how you can contribute to #FFLShareTheCare here.

14. Strengthen our fight as a nation against Covid-19 – donate new surgical masks, N95 masks and sanitation items to contribute.sg.

15. Consider volunteering for worthy causes as a family.

16. Share your excess - donate old toys and books that are in good condition to those in need.

17. Bin your litter! Volunteer with UnLitter to keep Singapore clean.

18. Volunteer your time at the appreciation booths to support our frontline workers.

Celebrate Singapore’s distinctive multi-cultural identity

19. Cook a dish that represents your race and share them with your neighbours of another race – don’t forget to consider their dietary restrictions!

20. Learn one interesting fact about another race or culture and share it with everyone around the dinner table.

21. Craving something new? Savour a local cuisine from a different ethnic group.

22. Teach your kids about diversity and inclusivity and reinforce the importance of religious peace in Singapore’s context.

Get up to speed with Singapore’s history!

23. Catch the exciting highlights of the Singapore Heritage Festival 2020 and be mesmerised by the lesser-known stories of Singapore’s rich heritage and culture.

24. Take a virtual tour of Singapore’s philatelic museum and learn all about how she made her stamp (pun fully intended) in history!

25. Visit the Growing Up gallery situated in the National Museum of Singapore for an inside look at what it was like growing up in the 1950s and 1960s.

26. Take a virtual tour of the Istana!

27. Watch stories from the Bicentennial Trilogy about Sang Nila Utama and Singapore’s historical milestones dating back 200 years.

Art speaks louder than words

28. Paint your love! Draw and paint a picture of Singapore, then hang the completed painting up on your living room wall as a keepsake.

29. Make a red and white kite as a family. Write your family’s aspirations for Singapore on the back of the kite and paste it on your living room window as you watch the national day parade together.

30. Got a hidden talent? Express your love for Singapore through a poem, song or rap!

31. Take a virtual peek into the array of exhibitions with National Gallery's online docent-led programmes at the comfort of your own home!

Keep Singapore green

32. Reduce plastic use. Give single-use disposable utensils the boot by bringing your own containers for food takeaways!

33. Do your shopping online – no more paper receipts bulking up the wallet either.

34. Reduce your carbon footprint. Where possible, walk or ride your bike for short travelling distances and take public transport as much as possible.

35. Do you have green fingers? Find out more about the community garden initiative around your HDB estates.

36. Upcycling is the rave these days! Try and find new ways to reuse everyday items to reduce waste – like repurposing wine bottles or remodelling toilet rolls for art projects.

37. Help your kids learn the importance of recycling efforts in Singapore and get them into the habit of recycling at home.

38. Teach your kids about Singapore’s heritage trees like the saga tree or the popular weed plant, mimosa also known as a ‘touch-me-not’.

39. Learn all about the beautiful Vanda Miss Joaquim, our national flower and the first registered Orchid hybrid in Singapore!

40. Plant a tree through the Plant-A-Tree Programme.

41. Conserve Singapore’s natural heritage through the Community in Nature Initiative by National Parks Singapore.

42. Passionate about climate change? Make your climate action pledge today!

Towards a kind and gracious society

43. Have a mask on? No problem. Offer a smile to your neighbours or the people you meet along the way. Your unseen smile is more obvious than you think!

44. Thank a frontline worker or a healthcare worker you meet, for their invaluable service.

45. Thinking of ordering in? Offer a drink to the delivery rider who delivers your food and thank him or her for the service.

46. Let’s exercise patience and show consideration when queuing up for food or waiting to be served as local businesses adjust to a new normal.

47. Bridge the age gap by striking a friendly conversation with an elderly in your neighbourhood – from a safe distance, of course!

48. Share your love for animals through the Animal & Veterinary Service Volunteer programme and learn about how you can contribute to animal welfare and management in Singapore.

49. Pay it forward! When buying a cup of coffee or meal, pay for the next person in line. Kindness does not need a reason, just an occasion!

Support local!

50. Support local hawkers and treat yourself to some soulful Singapore food.

51. Shop for items from local businesses to help give our economy a much-needed boost!

52. Show support for local artists and musicians – watch some of our very own talents in action!

53. Enjoy a glass (or two) of Singapore’s brews.

54. Read all about it! Discover Singapore’s Literature written by local authors.

55. Love coffee? Learn the ways of ordering this local favourite like a pro in your coffee shops.