School’s out, and it’s family bonding time! While family time with everyone is great for building bonds, it’s also important to carve out time to spend with each individual child. Children thrive on positive attention, no matter how old or young they are, and one-to-one dates with each child will give them that undivided attention they need.

Studies have also shown that children who feel secure and connected with their parents go on to learn strong social skills that help them to form healthy relationships in the future.

The best way to form a strong bond with your child is to spend quality time together. Whether it is once a month or once every few months, schedule these dates into your calendar so you will commit to them, and see for yourself how much your child will enjoy these.

Here are seven great ideas that you can include into your family routine of special parent-child “dates” to make wonderful memories with your little (or, for parents of tweens and teens, perhaps not so little anymore) ones and show them how much you love him or her.

1. Explore the great outdoors

Put on those walking shoes and head outdoors with your mini-me for an outing that promises plenty of feel-good endorphins and sunshine! There are many parks and outdoor spaces in Singapore you can head to with your child, from public parks to nature reserves, to the beach and even the zoo.

2. Take a class together

Learning something new together is a great way to bond. Get to know your child’s current interests better by taking a class to further it with her. It could be digital art or skateboarding–take the plunge and learn and bond with each other in the process.

3. Visit the arcade

An old-school arcade experience is truly one that all children never forget. Check out the newest arcade games together or take your child down your memory lane with some nostalgic games that are still surviving through the years in the spanking new arcades of today. Your cool factor will shoot right up in your child’s eyes with this date idea!

4. Spend the day at the museum

Nurture your little one’s love for the arts whilst spending a lovely afternoon together at one of the many museums in Singapore. Visiting a museum and checking out the exhibits offers many opportunities for conversation, learning, and bonding.

5. Break a sweat together

Your monthly “date” needn’t always be fancy. A cycle or hike around the island, kayak, rock climb–all these activities are a great way to bond, keeping healthy in the process! Your child will surely appreciate your company while sweating it out.

6. Play tourist around Singapore

Going on a one-on-one trip with your child may not be that easily arranged but going on "holiday" with her around Singapore surely is! There are plenty of tourist attractions to check out together, so put on your tourist hats and rediscover Singapore together for some memorable outings.

7. Check out new restaurants

When in doubt, indulge in Singapore's favourite past-time and plan to eat! Take your little foodie on an eating date, checking out one of Singapore's many new restaurants and cafes together. Chat as you explore the menu, and savour the dishes in each other's good company. It’ll be great fun!