Everyone looks forward to a fun-filled weekend with their family, especially after a long hard week at work.  But often, in tropical Singapore, the weather simply just does not seem to agree with the plans that you had in mind, especially at the end of the year when the monsoon reigns supreme. Instead of the reinvigorating beautiful sunshine which we are so used to, expect booming thunder accompanied by downpours capable of lasting the whole day or even the whole week instead.

So what can you do then on days when the sun simply refuses to shine? The good news is that having fun together with the family does not have to end just because the sun decides to hide for the day. Here are some great activities for the family for occasions like this.

Camp Indoors

Young children love the idea of camping indoors on a rainy day, especially if it involves eating cookies and drinking hot cocoa in a tent or a make-believe fort. Extend the fun by getting your kids to design and build their indoor “fort” or “house” themselves out of furniture and cardboard boxes.

Scavenger Hunt

The very name of this game exudes fun! Scavenger hunts are very easy to organise and very few props are needed. The objective of the game is to find as many items in your scavenger list as quickly as possible within the given time. Since this game is played indoors, the items on the list can be everyday household items that are safe to handle if kids are playing the game. Make it even more exciting by giving a small prize to the first child to complete the game, or add a twist by asking them to assemble all the scavenger hunt items into a work of art at the end of it all!

Tea Party

Who doesn’t love a dainty and elegant tea party?  Your kids can invite their favourite stuffed toys for the party to make it even more fun. Set up a pretty table and fill it with bite sized snacks and the smallest plates and cups you can find in your cupboard.  Of course the adults in the party may have tea while the children have hot chocolate. Remember, to sip is polite.

Read a Book

Everyone loves a good book. Nothing feels more cosy than snuggling up on the couch or in bed with a great read when the weather's all wet and gloomy. However, reading need not necessarily be an individualistic activity.

Reading can be a thoroughly enjoyable activity for children as well when a parent is willing to read their favourite book, cover to cover, with all the funny voices and expressions included.

Board Games

Board games are a time tested favourite indoor activity for a family. These days, there is no need to take out clunky boxes of board games from the storeroom for the activity as electronic versions of these games are readily available on mobile devices.  However, sometimes switching off all those devices and dragging out that old set of Scrabble or the special Singapore Monopoly Board edition, can bring back wonderful memories and create a whole new experience for your family.

Cook Out

Another fun filled activity for the family would be to have a cook out. Every member of the family can suggest dishes which they would like to have for lunch and every member could work towards making that a reality with clearly defined roles. This activity is particularly fulfilling as everyone will be rewarded for their labour with a warm meal which is the perfect recipe on a chilly day.

Movie Marathon

Immensely relaxing and enjoyable, there is nothing quite like watching the classics together with snacks and wonderful company.

Bring on the Console

Motion sensing consoles like the Wii and Xbox Kinect, which are the latest and hottest in game consoles nowadays, allow a high level of interactivity.

Everything which you had planned to do outdoors, can now be done at home too, be it a dance-off or an exciting game of bowling right in the living room. Expect this to engage everyone for hours!

So Next Time, Don’t Be Sad When it Rains…

Just because the plans which you have laid out had been put to waste by the weather does not mean that everyone’s weekend is ruined. On the contrary, take advantage of the opportunity now that everyone is home for the family to bond even closer!

Start planning ahead and make a list of some of the activities that your family would enjoy on days when it rains.