What could be more meaningful to any dad than a gift made with love by his kids? Whilst anyone can book dinner at a fancy restaurant, get tickets to a football game or even buy a watch, nobody else can make dad a handmade gift filled with love.  So for this Father’s Day, set aside a day or 2 and make something special for him!

Create a Book for Dad

What could be more meaningful than putting together a book for dad? Fill it with quotes, pictures, best memories, wishes and all the things you love about your dad. Depending on your personality and how you best like to express yourself, there are a number of ways in which you can do this.


If you enjoy working with different materials and you want to make something which is truly personable and a one-of-a-kind keepsake, then creating a scrapbook is a great idea. Pull together pictures of you and dad, print out quotes on different types of paper and experiment with textures and bindings to create something truly unique.

Photo Book

If you are a visual person, then a photo collage is a good idea. Get all the pictures you love and organise them in a way which allows you to tell a story. Scan them or arrange them digitally and send them to a printer to be made into a photo book. Photobooksingapore, Photogenie and vistaprint are just some of the companies which offer these services. Print a few copies to give to everyone and design an engaging cover and it could very well become your family’s favourite coffee table book!

Make Memory Box

This idea takes some advance planning, in fact it takes 1 year of advance planning, but it’s well worth the effort. Get a large box and every time you and your dad do something special together, or your dad says something you want to remember, or you just want to capture a fun moment, write it down on a piece of paper or a card and put it in the memory box. You can even take a polaroid and write your memory on the back of it. At the end of the year give the box to your dad. You could even make this a family tradition and make a memory box for him every year!

Build a Game

Make your own monopoly set. Get a large piece of cardboard and draw out squares just like in the original monopoly game. However, in each square, put a picture of a place you and your dad like to go together. Make your own “monopoly money” buy some dice and tokens and you’re all set to go for a game with dad!

Make a Video

If you are an aspiring filmmaker, capture as many of your family’s moments over the year and then edit them together to form a fun and memorable video of your year together. Make sure that dad’s the star and include interviews with your siblings or your mother about what each of you thinks makes your dad the best dad in the world.