If your dad enjoys sports which require discipline, concentration, control and patience, then a sport like air rifle shooting could be something he really enjoys.

Arrange to sign up for a course together and arrange to have the first lesson together on Father’s Day. Choosing to gift your dad with a course that you attend together means that you are giving him not only the gift of a new activity, but also your commitment to spend time with him on a regular basis. 

If, however, you have a large family and prefer to do something together, then instead of a course, you might want to arrange for a family activity like laser clay shooting instead.

Air Rifle Shooting Courses

If you are interested in taking up air rifle shooting as a sport, you might want to start by checking out SAFRA. SAFRA hosts Singapore’s largest internationally endorsed air weapons range. It has 42 lanes and a fully automated target retrieval system. Find out more about their courses on their website.

Laser Clay Shooting

For a more fun and family oriented approach, you could try laser clay shooting. This activity is suitable for all ages. In this case, you point your air rifle at a clay “pigeon”, actually a clay object which is sent into the air by a special projector which can vary the speed and trajectory of the clay pigeon.

Participants then aim at the clay pigeon and shoot at it. The rifles however are completely safe because they are de-activated 12-bore rifles which shoot infrared beams. If you are able to successfully lock on to the target, then the rifle will emit a realistic sounding “bang” to simulate the sound of a score.

The game can be played indoors or outdoors and this is one way in which the whole family can participate in an activity together together.