Parents, don’t we always desire to connect with our children, regardless of their age? Even more so with our teenagers since they are at a stage where they’re starting to form their own unique identities and mindsets, and where peers’ influences are potentially overshadowing ours.

With the café-hopping trend still going strong among the youths, hopping onto this trend is one good way to establish and strengthen that connection. Besides, adults can indulge in the café-hopping experience too for social and personal benefits.

Also, as the term suggests, café-hopping isn’t just stopping at one café. Visit a string of them in a day since there are a number of such cafes available in Singapore. It’s bound to be a fulfilling day of bonding with your teenagers, and a timeless topic for conversations. 

To plan your day’s itinerary, you can check out these websites and their list of interesting cafés to visit. Have a howling good time!

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