Break out of the same birthday routine! This year when you plan that birthday for your special someone, sit down and ask them what they wish they could have done but somehow never got round to doing.

Start the Conversation

Whether it was from a lack of time, money, opportunities, or even just a buddy to do it with, figure out what it was that they always wanted to do. Maybe it’s just one thing – like learning to play the guitar? A visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia? Maybe they would like to get in touch with their best friend from primary school? A bungee jump? Have someone sort out all their old photographs and catalog them nicely with captions? Volunteer at a charity?

A Way to Say "I Care"

People come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their dreams. Sitting down with your family and talking through what they wished they could have done, and more importantly, why they wish to do it is in itself a wonderful way to say “I care and I want to know more about you”.  Once you have spent the time to truly understand them, planning the birthday event itself will be easy – it will be an extension of the conversation which you have started with them. If you are able to make the commitment to participate in the event or activity with them, it will be yet another way to take this further.