Children are naturally creative and love to play with colours, textures, paints and collages. The process of creating and developing a piece of art is immensely satisfying on a very fundamental level – indeed, even our cavemen ancestors found solace and inspiration in art!

Celebrate your child’s birthday with an art theme. One thing that is especially fun about an art jamming party is that it is just as absorbing for an adult, a teenager or a young child, so parties where you have guests of different ages together work well with this format.

DIY or Hosted Party?

There are many ways to hold an art party. If you have the space for it, and are willing to do a little clean-up, then this is definitely something you can do in your own home. First, you’ll need to think about a creative activity or even a few activities which your children’s guests will enjoy. You could set up 2 or 3 different art stations.

Painting Station

One could be a painting table – buy some canvases from an art supply shop, put a large bunch of brushes in the center of the table and pots of poster paints out for the kids. Mixing palettes and water buckets and plenty of wet wipes are a good idea too.

Collage Station

Another table could be set up as a collage art table. Put interesting items on the table – cardboard, colourful beans, confetti paper, straw, egg shells. Set up glue pots and paint and allow your guests to create sculptural collages out of the raw materials.

This activity works best if you have a unifying theme for all the creations. Maybe your child loves rabbits or cakes or robots? Then you could ask each child to create an artwork around the main theme. Or maybe your guests could create portraits of each other and exchange them as extra little “gifts” at the end of the party. Party bags could come with an arty theme too. Prepare individual aprons and a take-home set of paints and brushes for each guest. 

If you don’t have the space for an art activity at home, or if you would like to hold it in a hosted venue, then you could consider checking if your local art school is willing to host an art party. Most such as Abrakadoodle, My Art Pencil and Art Boot Camp do offer this option to parents.