The first-month celebration is celebrated when the baby is one-month-old. Between new parenting tasks and planning your baby’s first-month celebration, couples may feel overwhelmed.

Here are 5 tips to help take the stress out of organising that perfect first-month celebration.

1. Set a Time and Date

The first-month celebration or Chinese baby shower (满月) is celebrated when the baby is, or near one-month-old (never after). Everyone has a differing schedule; just pick a day when majority of your guests can make it and during the time of the day when you know your baby is most awake and settled.

2. Organise your Guest List

List down the groups of people you want to invite. Categorise your list according to family, relatives, friends and colleagues. That way, you are less likely to miss out.

3. Look for a Venue

Parents usually celebrate at their own homes to save the hassle of bringing the baby out. If you live in a condominium, the function room will do just fine.

4. Plan the Menu

Look for caterers who provide first-month buffet menu packages. You may want to fix a party theme and plan the menu and party decor around it.

5. Prepare Celebratory Boxes

For the Chinese, it is customary to have red eggs—the symbol of birth. Look for online retailers who offer theme boxes, personalised photo card, along with pastries to distribute to guests.

It may be your baby's first-month celebration but there is no need to splurge. The best thing you can spend on your baby is time. A cosy party with the people you love would make it all the more memorable.