With Covid-19 raging across the world, social distancing is a certain reality for months to come. This means lots more stay-home time for the entire family - cue potential cabin fever.

But just because you are grounded doesn’t mean you need to be bored. There are ways to keep things light and upbeat while forging closer bonds between family members.

For a start, here are four fun ideas that will forge a lifetime of fond memories and have everyone, from kids to ah ma, doubling up in laughter. Best of all, most don’t cost a cent!

Combine forces to make a three-course meal
Give the young ones an opportunity to shine in the kitchen by allowing them to create the main course while the rest bring on their best appetiser and dessert. The best part: enjoying the food together and appraising each other's dishes in good fun!

Say om…
Exercise is great for building immunity, and yoga is gentle enough for people of all ages to enjoy. There are tons of free videos on YouTube that are beginner-friendly – check out channels like this and this. While at it, ramp up the challenge by seeing who can do the deepest squat or hold the longest balance in the deceptively simple tree pose.

Play video games
It’s time for the little ones to take the lead here and introduce the adults to their gaming universe. Whether it’s on a console, tablet or phone, get your kids to show you and the grandparents how to play their favourite games. Once everybody has gotten the hang of things, finish things off with a friendly battle.

Get schooled in Tik Tok
The Gen Z-ers in the family will have a ball getting the adults and elderly in the family lip syncing to popular tunes or recording a dance sequence on this popular social media platform that lets users upload 15- to 60-second videos. Lest you think this is fad reserved for teenagers, some of the most popular accounts on Tik Tok feature silver-haired seniors (and their grandchildren).