Feeling glum at the prospect of a stay-home Father’s Day celebration this year? There’s no time like now to plan a Father’s Day experience at home that he will remember for years to come.

Here's a list of fun experiences you and the little ones can create for five types of Daddies out there. What’s even better, the whole family can spend some quality time together while letting Dad know how much you all love and appreciate him!

1) Celebrating Fathers for ALL the Wonderful Daddies!

Come Sun 21 June 2020, join “Celebrating Fathers” in a day-long celebration, dedicated to all Dads out there! The line-up of “A Day with Dad” activities will definitely keep Dad and his mini-me(s) busy from AM to PM with something for everyone - choose from crafting, cooking, STEM, or music workshops, watch a magic show, or attend them all on Dads for Life Facebook Page!

2) For the Sporty Dad

Kick-off the morning at full throttle with an online class: check out ActiveSG’s YouTube channel Get Active TV, or see what gyms around town have to offer. Then let him indulge in a whole afternoon of his favourite team's victories from the comforts of the couch. With free rein to shout to his heart's content, Dad will be chock full of endorphins, adrenaline and appreciation by day’s end!

3) For the Gamer Dad

A day full of games will be a gift that keeps giving for the Gamer Dad. Buy him the newest game for his favourite console and let Dad play to his heart’s content for the day. Pro tip: find a game that he can complete in 12 hours so he can binge-play on his special day and be ready to be Most Valuable Dad again the very next day. Wind down in the evening with a family board game, whisk the kids off to bed, then let Dad carry on gaming till the wee hours of the night.

4) For the Culinary Master Dad

Plan a day full of kitchen adventures he will not be able to resist! Serve him an all-star hot breakfast made with love by all at home to get him warmed up, before presenting him with a cooking challenge that will let him stretch his masterchef muscle with relish. Complete his day with an online cooking class where he can learn a new dish – make it a family affair and get him to learn with the kids.

5) For the Culture Geek Dad

Suss out the best virtual tours of museums and whisk Dad and the little ones away for a day of museum-hopping! The best part? You're no longer geographically bound to stay in the same city, so the world is now your playground. If you have the time to gather accompanying resources to make the experience really pop (like printing out some artworks of the museums you’re visiting and displaying them in the living room so he will feel like he’s in the gallery for real), do it! The kids will love helping to set the place up too.

The newest regulations say that we can now visit grandparents two at a time! Why not drop by Grandpa’s place with a cake and card hand-delivered by the grandchildren to show him some love? A virtual Zoom celebration is also a great idea to celebrate all the Daddies in the family together - after all, the most meaningful celebrations are made up of fun times spent with loved ones, no matter the distance.