Some things get better with age. Grandparents are one of them. And they definitely deserve an unforgettable special day. With the right game plan, they can have a blast too. Here's how you can do it.


A birthday party for a senior in the family such as a  grandparent need not be boring family affairs. Like any party, a theme gives it life. In this case, we have to take into consideration the physical conditions of the elderly. “Good ol’ times” makes a great theme; evoking feel-good memories of the past is a good way to celebrate the special day. Music plays a big part in bringing back memories and makes another fun theme too.

Guest List

The fun of any birthday bash depends on the guests. Carefully draw up a guest list that will give your birthday boy or girl an unforgettable day. Do not just think of who to invite but also their mode of transport. Seniors may have mobility issues and have trouble getting to the venue. Do not forget their caregivers too. Alternatively, you can arrange for transport services; wheelchair-accessible fleets are available for rent. 

Gift Suggestions

More than anything, grandparents appreciate the meaning in life. Why not sponsor birthday cakes or gifts to the needy? Food from the Heart (FFTH) is a non-profit charity that provides a food distribution programme. FFTH organises birthday celebrations for their the children and elderly in their benefiaries through their ‘Birthdays From The Heart’ programme. Rather than look for the meaning in life, why not give it meaning?

Celebrations can be meaningful, especially birthdays. Age is just a number; it should not stop a senior from enjoying a memorable day. After all, it is the start of 364 meaningful days.