Spend Father’s Day as a family by going on a camping adventure. In addition to the novelty of sleeping under the stars, setting up the tents will be a precious learning experience for your kids.  Add the fun of sleeping outdoors to playing on the beach, having a seaside barbecue party, cycling, rollerblading and swimming, and it will equate to a whole day of free family fun waiting to be enjoyed.

Permits and Camping Sites

In addition to Pulau Ubin, Singapore has several parks where camping is allowed. The main camping areas are:

  1. East Coast Park - Area D and Area G
  2. Pasir Ris Park - Area 1 and Area 3
  3. West Coast Park - Designated area within Area 3
  4. Pulau Ubin – Jelutong and Mamam Beaches

Except for Pulau Ubin, you will need to apply for a camping permit before you can set up your tent, but this is relatively easy to do. You can apply for the permit online or through an AXS machine. Whilst you do not need a permit to camp at Pulau Ubin, you do need to inform the officers at the Pulau Ubin Police Post on the day that you will be camping. Camping permits are free in Singapore, so this is also a very pocket friendly activity for the family.

What to Bring

Camping in Singapore is a worry-free affair. You don’t need to plan for food or toileting facilities. There are always plenty of food stalls and restaurants near the campsites and shower and toilet amenities are well maintained and very accessible.

Bring your own tents or choose from one of the many new tent models which are available nowadays. Most of these are so easy to set up that a simple shake and flip will pop them open so that all you need to do is pick a scenic spot and anchor them into the ground. A ground sheet, sleeping bags, towels, a change of clothes and lanterns or torches for light and comfort during the night are also a must.

Things to Do at Campsites in Singapore

Counting stars and watching the sun set and then rise again the next morning are all part of the experience. Check out some of the other fun things you can do together at each of Singapore’s campsites.

East Coast Park

This really is Singapore’s playground! There are watersports, cable skiing, great jogging and rollerblading paths, a long cycle route that goes from Fort road up to Changi Village and barbecue pits galore. Book a barbecue pit, bring along your own satay and seafood – which you can always order and buy from anyone of several providers who specialize in this and get your extended family together for a party.

Pasir Ris Park

Lots of modern facilities, this park is also quieter than East Coast Park with lots of nature activities. There is a bird watching tower and a lovely mangrove boardwalk that you can explore.

West Coast Park

This is a park which younger children will enjoy. It is small but has several exciting playgrounds and a large sand activity area. In the evenings over the weekend, kiting enthusiasts bring their large kites, some of which are decked out with lights and fly them high over the sky near the waterfront. Whilst it doesn’t have a sandy beach, West Coast Park has a sea front from which you can gaze at the twinkling lights of tankers and large ships as you enjoy the strong sea breeze against your face. 

Pulau Ubin

This really is a campsite with a difference. You reach the island by taking a short ferry ride in a bum boat. Rent a bike for the day and explore this rustic island which is home to Singapore’s last few kampongs. Visit Chek Jawa and explore the tide pools together, then eat at one of the seafood restaurants near the jetty and camp at either Jelutong or Mamam Beach. Pulau Ubin’s prettiest features are the granite pools left behind by the old quarries. Gaze into the mirror-like waters and see a perfect reflection of the surrounding granite cliff walls, trees and blue skies.