Children and indoor camping.

A great way for parents and children to share a special time together. Indoor camping is an inexpensive family activity. More importantly, it provides an opportunity to connect with each other without using technology. But the weather may not be great all the time.

Besides, indoor camping is a terrific slumber party adventure compared to the usual sleepover. Indulging in the special theme together forges a closer bond. Who doesn’t love building a ‘camp’ in the living room? Get ready for a night of fun!

Invite Cousins Over

Time must be shared to have more fun. Indoor camping is no exception. Ask their cousins along for a sleepover; the children will have a great time together. 

Setting Up

Pick a cosy spot
If you have a tent, set it up. Otherwise, use bedsheets and chairs
Anchor the ends with books
Prop the center up with a higher chair
Pad the floor with a rug
Roll out the sleeping bags
Place a battery-operated lantern for "campfire".
Turn off all the lights and use torchlights instead

Have Fun

Bust out camp stories to the children! Storytelling is an innate part of human nature; we are all hardwired to learn from stories. This makes it a good time to impart the right values to children. Do not forget to appeal to the five senses to make your stories vivid. The children are going to love it. 

Indoor camping is a good way to ‘rough out’ in the comfort of your own home and get everyone off the screens. The true beauty of it? No child is too young to join in. 

It is all for fun and fun for all!