This has been a year like no other, especially for the young ones in the family. They’ve had to contend with virtual learning, reduced after school activities (read: fun), social distancing rules among other things.

Now that the exams are nearing to a close and the school holidays are around the corner, it’s about time they let their hair down, and kicking off downtime with a graduation party at home couldn’t be more apt.

Here are some ideas to reward the kids for the year’s hard work and for graduating to the next stage of their education journey.

1. Reels, reels, reels

Put your well-honed PowerPoint presentation skills to good use here by putting together a slideshow on what a smashing job each child has done this year. Remember, visuals are impactful, so be generous with inserting photographs, short video clips and the appropriate embarrassing captions!

2. Back to school…

…not! But you can throw a school-themed party where you and your spouse also dress in your finest garb (if you can still fit into them). Unearth old report books and have a laugh with your children over the comments that your teachers left for you all those years ago.

3. Invite your child’s closest pals for a slumber party

There’s nothing like closing the school term off with a bonding session among friends. Plus you get to know who your child is hanging out with outside the home. Prep them a whole feast and have a rules-free evening (maybe an extra half hour of video games won’t hurt).

4. Plan it with your child in mind

If your little graduate is moving on to polytechnic or university, think of activities that are centred on his or her interests. For budding designers, Pictionary night could be a befitting tribute. For aspiring chefs, a family cookout with him or her being head chef and the rest playing assistants would probably dish up multiple servings of laughter.